Do you remember your first kiss? –Sweet Kiss Part 1

This “first” can be understood as the first time, the first kiss, or the first kiss with a certain person.

The first kiss is shy.

The first time you kiss someone, show your unique shyness. No matter how seasoned you are at kissing, it’s the first time that gives you the nervousness, shyness, and a hint of timidity of a fawn rambling.

Notice! ! ! It’s not that you pretend that you don’t know how to kiss at all, that you are not used to kissing, it will make people feel like you are a bitch. You want the person in front of you to feel your emotional attachment to him/her from your demeanor.

Step 1:

¬†Although you have a good impression of him, and even have a strong urge to jump on him, try to restrain your emotions. It is best to let the other party feel your unease and hesitation, bow your head slightly, and place your hands on the other’s chest.

Step 2:

When he/she is approaching, use the hand on the opponent’s chest to change from virtual to solid. Your touch can stimulate the opponent’s desire, and at the same time, you can take advantage of the trend to resist, conveying that you are not ready message.

Step 3:

At this point, the other party naturally refuses to give up, and leans down to get closer to your lips. At this moment, your body does not need to dodge any more, and sends an encouraging signal to let him drop his lips. Pay attention, at this time, you need to adjust the breathing rhythm and become as fast as possible, which is definitely a good medicine for aphrodisiac.

Even if the other person is only tentatively playful, they may be so swayed by your reaction that they can’t resist. (should have a soundtrack here)

Step 4:

For the first kiss, if you don’t need to go to bed, you don’t need to kiss deeply, and a shallow taste will make both parties look forward to the next intimate contact.

So what happened for following dating ?

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