Do you know these love codes of women?

There is such an interesting statistic: the real price of clothes a woman buys for herself is often 20% more expensive than what she tells her husband. No matter how rich a husband is, he always feels that his wife buys too many clothes; no matter how many clothes he has, he always feels that his wardrobe is not rich enough. Therefore, in order to keep adding goods without causing conflicts and disputes with their husbands, wives will lie a little to hide the real price.

The most interesting is the 20% number:

Why not less, like 10%?

Why not more, like 30%?

That’s because 20%, in a liar’s mind, is somewhere in the middle between “lie” and “truth.” 10% lies, it is better not to tell. The number is too small for a woman to be a liar in front of her husband for this. 30% lies, and a little too much. Once it rises to the “3” prefix, people’s moral bottom line will sound the alarm.

Even white lies will face the pressure of conscience. Therefore, women love to tell a 20% lie, because the burden is not large and the effect is not bad: if the price is understated by 20%, he will be hostile to the price of his wife’s new clothes by 20%; but understatement by 20% In her heart, she would not regard this as a deception. There are many kinds of lies in life. The most liar will always falsify only 20% of the truth. And 20% is not a lie, let’s call it “putting on the truth”.

Read the ambiguous body code: lack of love will make her sick

Women are not necessarily all beautiful. Women are all sad and sickly bodies. Women who are not satisfied with love in their lives are often sick and aching, with headaches, waist pains, shoulder pains, back pains…the whole body is always uncomfortable!

The discomfort of these body parts hides a little ambiguity of love: headache, which is too much thinking about love; back pain, which represents dissatisfaction with love; shoulder pain, which is the lack of a hug from the opposite sex; It hurts because I haven’t been touched intimately for a long time.

Women never pretend to be sick, and women who lack love are really sick all the time. Or, she subconsciously yearns to get sick, and maybe that can help her get more attention from the people next to her bedside. Just like many children want to get more attention from their parents and want to get sick, they really have symptoms.

A woman, every ambiguous part of her body, whether it hurts or itches, is all about the word “love”…

Love allure password: clever use of "uniform effect"

When they are closest to the bed, the conversation between men and women is farther from the “bed”. The ideal of life, the goal of struggle, the world outlook, the outlook on life, the values… After chatting and chatting, it is inevitable that the conversation will go to the bed.

Actually, it’s not surprising. The reason why we talk about “greatness” is that he establishes his own stalwart image and lays ambush for his next move. That was the signal thrown to the other party: “If you have a story with someone like me, you won’t suffer.” There are all kinds of men and women in the world.

The most likely place to breed ambiguity is not the field of joy. In the joyous field, it is not ambiguity, but business. The most likely place to breed ambiguity is the workplace. In the workplace, apart from business, it is inevitable to talk about a little ambiguity. When people talk about ideals and ambitions, the hormones in the body are often the most inflated. At this time, the opposite sex is the fatal temptation. Love needs to pretend to be serious.

The temptation under the uniform is unstoppable. Love also has a “uniform effect”. People will always give more favors to those opposite sex who have professional style and positive attitude towards life. Because, the generation of love always needs a little worship of looking up. A man in uniform can subdue her. A woman in uniform can subdue him. Behind that suit, it proves that you are worth…

The password for lovers to live in harmony: don't talk on the phone in front of him

Many women like to talk on the phone. Most husbands hate their wives talking on the phone. Because of a phone call, there are really not a few examples of couples quarreling. Women think men are finding fault. In fact, a woman’s phone porridge really drives a man crazy.

The human brain tends to ignore things that are predictable and experienced. During the meeting, you may fall asleep; during the conversation, you may lose your mind… You can predict the outcome, and the mental nerves will relax accordingly. For those things whose results are unpredictable, they will pay special attention, and the nerves will be highly tense. Because I am not sure what the truth is, my heart is always in my throat, crazy! Understanding only a few words of information will deepen people’s inner uncertainty and keep their moods in a state of alert and panic at all times.

A man may be generous enough to endure things in the world, but the woman in the room whispering on the phone will make him intolerable. As a woman, try not to chat on the phone in front of your husband. He is not stingy, he is really clueless. In the silent room, a woman whispered into the receiver, listening to the ear of the man beside her, it was the most annoying voice in the world…

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