Do women separate sex from love?

Unlike men, women see sex as an extension of love, and if they have sex with a man, they are already in love with each other. When they find that a relationship has only their own contribution and no emotional commitment from the other party, they will choose to end the relationship because they cannot stand a relationship with sex and no love. If women are satisfied with their marital status, they will not develop extramarital affairs. Women rarely have sex outside of marriage unless they are truly in love with other men.

When a woman finds out that a man is having an affair, she usually assumes that the man has fallen in love with another woman, but this may not be the case. The woman asked the man: “Do you love that woman?” The man replied: “No, we just met, how could I fall in love with her? The one I love is you.” The woman said angrily: “Forget it, don’t Lie to me again, if you don’t love her, how can you have that kind of relationship with her?” The man said seriously: “It’s just a physical relationship, it doesn’t mean anything, I really don’t love her!” But no matter what the man does Explain that women can’t believe what a man says because there’s no way for a woman to separate sex from love.

Men aren’t lying, their having an affair doesn’t mean they don’t love their wives anymore, it’s a different thing to them. It’s just that women’s brains can’t understand. What they really care about is not that men have physical relationships with other women, but that men hurt their feelings and betray their trust. They can’t imagine a man having sex with a woman they don’t love at all, but it’s normal for men because their brains can distinguish between sex and love.

It is easy for men to have extramarital affairs, but it is also easy for men to get rid of extramarital affairs; it is not easy for women to have extramarital affairs, and it is not easy for women to get rid of extramarital affairs. If a man doesn’t fall in love with his partner, it’s easy for them to forget about the affair, and most men won’t affect their marriage and family because of an affair. They prefer to have both a wife and a lover. If they had to make a choice, they would often choose to give up their lover. If a woman has an extramarital affair, then they must be in love with the object of their affair, so it is difficult for them to withdraw, and they may even choose to end their previous marriage and live with their lover.

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