Do independent women need love?

Joe, a typical independent woman: strong in heart, unyielding, independent, and striving to pursue her dreams. In the era when women take marriage as their goal in life, she does not covet and depend on men, or even anyone. When the family desperately needed money, she refused to go to Aunt March to beg for mercy and sold her long hair; on the day of Meg’s wedding, she asked her not to marry because she said she would support her; When she confessed to herself, she gave up the opportunity to become a lady and chose independence and freedom.

However, in the darkest moments of her life that followed, she began to regret rejecting that love, and she still said the phrase “I’m so lonely”.

At that moment, Joe’s image in my heart suddenly blurred. I even felt that this line should not come out of her mouth. For a long time after the movie ended, I was thinking about whether the Joe in this clip was in the theme of the movie. In shaping the independent heroine.

“If I still need love, am I not an independent woman?”

Many people use independence to judge their own or others’ success or failure in life, so there is no shortage of independent women in this era. And some of them think that the definition of independence is not just economic independence, but should be no emotional attachment, no marriage, no sexual relationship, or even other intimate relationships. Once I want to fall in love, I feel weak and start to question whether I am independent.

Some girls are extremely satisfied in the rich material and spiritual life they have created. She has no yearning for love, but she still lives a full and happy life; some girls live a positive single life after a failed love or marriage. I have found myself, and I don’t want to waste my energy in the complicated relationship between the sexes.

But for some girls, although she has enough financial strength, she has also been hurt by love, but there is always some part of her soul that needs to be filled by others, it needs the care of family, friends, and more. Need the company of a lover.
Isn’t this girl independent?

I don’t think so.

Independence is not a circle without gaps, but a piggy bank that can only go in and out.

Everyone is an independent individual, everyone has a complete soul, and we are all doing our best to improve our lives. In the process, we become strong, brave and tenacious.

In this process, we are looking for the way of life that we most want. This way of life must be positive and can generate benign value.

In the lifestyle we choose, whether we are single or not, we must live as independently as possible. This independence includes but is not limited to economic independence, but also personal independence, because this kind of life is the most reliable and safest way to live. Safe.

Of course, maintaining complete independence in relationships and family life is almost impossible, and we’ll always compromise or change things for others, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. If this kind of change does not go against one’s wishes, is positive, and can bring about common progress and benign value, then why bother about whether it is independent?

There is another voice in this society to separate “independence” and “love” from a woman.

“If a woman is too independent, no man will dare to ask for it.”

That’s what I hate to hear the most.

Independence should be a sword for women to optimize themselves and eliminate inferior men. It can give them the right to choose whether or not to love and what kind of love they want, and it can also make it easier for them to meet people who have a common direction.

“I’m concerned with a woman’s independence, and I don’t like her looking innocent. I like a woman so powerful that a man has to be courageous to approach him.”

I hope that we are striving to create value and experience pleasure at any stage of life. I hope I can be an independent and soft woman who can withstand the pressures of life and feel happy in intimate relationships.

The independence I am talking about is definitely not just economic independence, after all, economic independence does not bring absolute freedom. What I mean by independence is the ability to withstand all unknowns, the courage to seize love, and the calmness to let go.

Finally, I would like to say that although not everyone needs marriage, I don’t want everyone to miss out on love, let’s love boldly!

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