Do girls bleed when they have sex for the first time?

Many men judge whether a virgin is a virgin by whether a woman bleeds for the first time, but does a woman have to bleed for the first time?

In fact, women may not necessarily bleed the first time. Usually, bleeding is only possible when the vaginal valve (hymen) has a small or closed pore size. If the vaginal flap is lip-shaped or umbrella-shaped, with a larger aperture, the amount of bleeding will be minimal or even no bleeding at all. In addition, some strenuous exercise can also lead to rupture of the vaginal valve, which has nothing to do with sex.

The first time most people will bleed, and it is normal to not bleed.

For most people, the hymen is intact before the first intercourse. During the first intercourse, the hymen is ruptured or torn due to poor elasticity, causing bleeding and possibly perineal pain.

Some people, before having sex for the first time, for some reason, such as horseback riding, cycling or perineal injury, cause the hymen to rupture, or the hymen is elastic and does not rupture despite sexual intercourse. This is the first time in this case. Sexual life without bleeding symptoms.

It is not recommended to judge whether it is the first time to have sex by whether it is bleeding during sex.

Most girls do not bleed, and in the case of bleeding, a small part is really due to the small opening of the small hole in the membrane, and it is often due to other reasons for bleeding.

For example, if the body is not sufficiently aroused, the body is tense, and the mouth of the tunnel is dry, so it is easy to bruise the nearby tissue or skin.

And it has nothing to do with whether you are number one or not, it can happen even if you have experienced it.

Therefore, only some girls will bleed, and most of these bleedings are spotting, not the legendary “blood-stained sheets”.

Finally, remember that if the other party really cares, please tell him that feelings that need a membrane to protect will be as fragile as this membrane.

Always remember this sentence, you are the master of your film, and you have the final say in your love.

Therefore, it is unscientific and ignorant to judge whether a “virgin” is “virgin” or not by relying solely on the hymen and whether it is bleeding.

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