Dirty Talk, make sex more engaged

Share those particularly exciting words in sex and love, that is, Dirty Talk.

Myths about Dirty Talk.

Many people will regard Dirty Talk as a direct personal attack or personality attack, which is a wrong statement.

The right thing to do is to know the other person’s taste, and also know what the other person likes you to say. For example, some women, in fact, they don’t like to be called a little bitch, they prefer to be called a darling, and their wives are more gentle like this.

Dirty Talk is spicy enough, but everyone may like different degrees of spiciness, so it is very necessary to communicate and communicate, otherwise it may make him feel uncomfortable. It was originally intended to increase the taste, but it turned out to be completely impossible. !

The willingness to “swear” between partners indicates trust in the relationship and reflects self-breakthrough and self-expression, the core of which is communication and feedback.

Dirty Talk Tips

Dirty Talk can be used in different situations and has different functions. In many cases, Dirty Talk is not “dirty”. On the contrary, it can often help us express our needs, express our love and even express our praise. Here I share a few Dirty Talk with you. Talk’s common application scenarios will make your sex more “feeling” after using it well.

【1】Express emotion

There are two levels here: First, expressing love. For insulting and hostile expressions, it is necessary to ask the other party in advance to understand the other party’s preferences, and then pant and say the “dirty words” he wants during sex. The second is to express “hostility”. Dissatisfaction with the other party can be expressed through this situation, and the negative emotions can be subtly transformed into the driving force of sex and love. For example, while saying, “I’m going to fuck you, shit,” while pushing yourself into sex and love, it will bring more wonderful bodily sensations.

【2】Express praise

Praise the body, praise the details, for example, I like your breasts, your breasts make me want to burst; I like your lips, can you whisper in my ear; I like your brother, use it quickly fill me up and so on. Complimenting the performance and describing in detail how you feel now will not only help sex, but also improve your understanding of each other.

【3】Express need

Express what I want, what I need, what I want right now. The use of this part in foreplay is especially important. The expression can be more specific, such as I want you to insert deeper; I want to ride you under me (change position), etc. There is a hint of provocation in the expression, and there is more “sensuality” in the words, and this process has already brought communication and feedback.

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