Differences in sexual arousal between men and women

The system of eroticism between men and women is very different. If a woman’s erotic pattern is hidden, subtle, and complex, a man’s lust is simply like a paramecia, surging when stimulated.

This gives a man an illusion, as if he is naked, and after a few stimulations on a woman, the woman can also enter the state. There are even some ignorant men who like to have psychological obsession with some powerful women: “Look at your arrogant appearance, let me fuck you”. Of course, more men will touch a woman’s vagina twice, his hands feel wet, and he imagines in his mind that this woman is ready for his penetration.

God knows what a big misunderstanding this is. In fact, when a woman is raped, there is a high probability that the vagina will also secrete fluid. Don’t think a woman is ready just because she sees or touches it wet. Wet does not necessarily mean that a woman is ready for penetration. A woman’s vagina secretes a small amount of fluid, which is just an instinctive stress response of the vagina to prevent violent injury. Full moisturization is the body fluid manifestation of women’s erotic arousal.

The biggest difference between women’s and men’s erotic arousal models is that women have a set of self-defense mechanisms that are innate and later strengthened in the face of sex. In terms of biological functions, women carry genes that can give birth to life. They are humiliated by sluts and disciplined by chastity culture, which makes it easy for women to live under the control of a human autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system.

The so-called autonomic nervous system is the part of a series of peripheral nervous systems that is distributed on almost all the organs of the human body and is not controlled by human voluntary consciousness, which is different from the somatic nervous system that is controlled by human voluntary consciousness. I know the scumbags are starting to get impatient. This knowledge point is really annoying, I also chewed on it for a day yesterday. It is said that European and American medical students who are not good at candidates call the following diagram of the operation of the human nervous system “a diagram that you will never forget”.

What is the sympathetic nervous system? The sympathetic nerve is a nervous neurotransmitter. When the sympathetic nerve is active, the heart beats faster, the cardiac output increases, the blood pressure increases, the arteries in the large muscles dilate, the adrenal medulla accelerates the secretion of adrenaline, the blood sugar level increases, and the mobilization The energy of the body in preparation for the “fight or flight response”.

Women with developed sympathetic nerves are generally more sensitive, tense and cautious. When anything moving is close to them, their instinct is to be nervous, and their sympathetic nervous system will stand out like a shield, blocking what the sympathetic nerves recognize as “” Attack and Danger” man.

The nervous system that acts opposite to the sympathetic nervous system is called the parasympathetic nervous system. See, the role of the parasympathetic system is responsible for the relaxation of the body. And the whole premise for a woman to enjoy sex is to let her relax. Next, you can insert.

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