Demystifying the motives of the ‘new bad man’ who lied

There are many such “new bad men” around us. Their lies sound beautiful and unbreakable, but their motives are actually remarkable. Let’s teach you how to see through their lies.

1. You look beautiful in this dress

Reason: to avoid arguments. Men will always give similar answers to questions from their wives, not wanting to hurt your self-esteem or making trouble for yourself.

2. It's okay

Reason: Healing alone. When a man encounters a problem, he always says it’s fine, but in fact, he just licks the wound silently by himself. They sometimes cover themselves with lies to escape frightening dialogue.

3. If you don't want, I don't want either

Reason: Avoid becoming a pervert who forces your wife. When you say that you are not emotionally or physically unwell, a man can only hide his inner disappointment, so as not to be regarded by you as a person who only knows how to pursue sex and not understand tenderness.

4. I called you

Reason: Self-defense. This is often the excuse you use when your husband forgot to call you, or was late for an appointment and didn’t do what you told him to do. In men’s eyes, lying is sometimes one way to avoid getting hurt.

5. Past girlfriend? That's it

Reason: self-protection. Women are very curious about the situation of their husbands’ past girlfriends. When faced with these problems, it is understandable that a man with a strong sense of privacy wants to perfunctory things.

6. How could I lie to you

Reason: Let the lover dispel doubts. Men want to live a happy life, so the best way to reassure a woman from a man’s mouth is this sentence.

The Vicious Lies of the "New Bad Man"

The so-called “new bad men” always seem so suave, reasonable to women, even romantic and considerate, but some of the nice things they say around you are often the most vicious lies.

"You think I like socializing, but for the sake of my career, I can't help it!"

“New Bad Men” all like “entertainment” and are good at “entertainment”. Socializing is a decent pretense, so many ambiguous activities are logical, and they can do a lot of absurd things without leaking.

"I never lie."

He did say the truth, but no one investigated whether the truth was 100% or 50%. The “new bad man” has long learned the way of being half real and half false. Even if he is discovered, at least he can say, I didn’t lie to you!

"I'm romantic but not obscene."

The “new bad men” think that they can flirt with all the beauties in the office, and have one or two “spiritual love”. There are three or two “confidantes” that they talk about and prove their charm. But a man who claims to be romantic will inevitably have the most conventional ending in the end-sleeping with a woman.

"I like the new but never tire of the old."

“New Bad Man” yearns for and pursues the thrills of extramarital affairs, romantic encounters, and one-night stands. While indulging in sensuality and physical enjoyment, the morality and responsibilities he should bear have been thrown out of the sky, tired of the old and even abandoned, but it is only a matter of time.

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