Degeneration of sexual function is more common than sexual dysfunction

First of all, with age, most of the physiological capabilities of the body are slowly degrading, and the peak period of male sexual function is around 18-22 years old. Except for a few people who live very self-disciplined and eat very healthy, most men will realize that their sexual function is not as good as before after the age of 30.

Then, most of the men in this grade have multiple jobs, such as husbands, fathers, sons, staff, etc. These shoulder responsibilities take up time, bring entertainment, and bring pressure. Regular exercise and a healthy routine have become a bit out of reach.

As we all know, regular aerobic exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance endurance, promote blood circulation, and delay aging; while regular work and rest is an important condition for the human body to repair itself and maintain health; coupled with ubiquitous mental stress. Many people are in a sub-health state, and even many people in their thirties develop diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.

Excessive fat converts androgens into estrogens, and less androgens reduce desire and function.

If diabetes is not controlled, it will damage the body organs in all directions by sea, land and air. When the peripheral nerves and terminal blood vessels are damaged, it will be irreversible erectile dysfunction.

Hypertension and arteriosclerosis both cause chronic damage to blood vessels, and the endothelial function of blood vessels decreases, as does sexual function.

how to improve

If you don’t want to take medicine, you have to work hard; if you don’t want to work hard, then take medicine.


More fish, more fruits, more vegetables, more whole grains; appropriate dairy products, appropriate nuts, appropriate eggs, appropriate poultry meat, appropriate tea; less red meat, less smoked meat, less fried food, and less wine.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve sexual function.

Work and rest exercise:

1. Go to bed early and get up early, get rid of mobile phone disease, and ensure 8 hours of sleep – the process of self-repair of body and spirit.

2. At least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, even if it is brisk walking; strength training every other day, focusing on upper limbs, lower limbs, lower back, these large muscle groups are the necessary muscle groups for our sexual life.

It is worth mentioning that prolonged sitting increases all-cause mortality and is an independent risk factor. In urology, prolonged sitting can also cause chronic prostatitis, which will eventually aggravate sexual dysfunction.

3. Kegel exercises, a targeted training method, have been shown to improve male performance. The focus point can be understood as holding back urine or levator rectum. Hold each contraction for 3 seconds and then relax. Each group is about 20 times. In the early stage, you can perform 3-4 groups, once every other day, and you can increase the number of times or adhere to the time by yourself in the later stage.

Medical Treatment:

1. Drugs: PDE5 inhibitors, such as tadalafil, 5mg or 10mg, once every other day, take regularly. Tadalafil has the characteristics of long drug half-life and long action time. Regular use is safe and effective, and it can improve vascular endothelial function.

In addition to improving erections, these drugs can also prolong the time, but the mechanism of action is not clear. Its efficacy was affirmed and recommended in the “2016 Edition of Chinese Andrological Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines and Expert Consensus”.

These drugs must not be combined with nitrate drugs, such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate, etc.!

2. Other treatments: including negative pressure to help erection, external low-energy shock waves, etc. Although effective, it is necessary to go to the hospital regularly, which is troublesome and will not be introduced.

Sexual function can be understood as an outpost for the overall health of the body, and when everything is good, sexual function is good. When physical function declines, such as excessive mental stress and reduced cardiovascular function, sexual function will also decrease accordingly.

The most healthy and ideal way is to stick to it through diet and routine. However, for modern people, it is sometimes difficult to do so, so it is a good choice to take small doses of PDE5 inhibitors regularly at this time.

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