Couple quarrels can lead to physical sluggishness

According to research: If you argue with your lover for half an hour, it will take at least a day to restore your body’s ability to respond; for those couples who often quarrel, the recovery time is doubled.

Ohio State University researchers tested married couples with air-pumping devices on their arms: When they were asked questions about previous disagreements and heated arguments, the wounds on these couples’ arms were larger than normal. Case recovery was 40% slower.

This response is caused by a sudden increase in immune cytokines, which, if chronically high, can lead to arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. A week after getting angry, just thinking about it will raise blood pressure. So whether it’s rage or a small setback, it’s best to forget about it as soon as possible.

Being "loved" makes one's body and mind more calm

Researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy found that falling in love can increase the level of nerve growth factor in the body within a year. This hormone-like substance stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps nerves. System recovery, and improve memory; at the same time, because of the satisfaction of being “loved” in love, it will make people’s body and mind in a calm state. But after a year of dating, the level of nerve growth factor will drop, at that time, the romantic feeling in the relationship will no longer exist, and the person will return to reality.

Anger burns blood pressure

Among human emotions, jealousy is the most intense and painful one, and it is also the most difficult to control. The most typical jealousy of men is when they find out that they have a rival in love, while the jealousy of women often erupts when they suspect that their lover is betrayal.

Dr Jane Fleming, a London medical scientist, said that jealousy is a mixture of emotions such as fear, worry and anger. Increased, weakened immunity, anxiety and even insomnia.

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