Confirmed that men want more sex partners than women

There is an old story:

President Calvin Coolidge and his wife visited the chicken coop, and Mrs. Coolidge noticed that the roosters often mate with the hens.

Mrs Coolidge asked, “How many times a day do roosters mate?”

The guide replied: “Dozens of times.”

Coolidge asked, “Is it the same hen or a different hen every time?”

The guide replied: “There are always different hens.”

Later, psychologists used the “Coolidge effect” to express: males tend to have more mates, and for humans, men desire more sexual partners than women.

01 Coolidge effect in mice

The Coolidge effect has been extensively demonstrated at the animal level.

There are experiments where a male mouse is placed in a cage with a receptive female mouse, and the male mouse will mate, maybe even several times, but the male mouse will get bored quickly. However, with another female, the male regained his desire to mate.

We know from experiments that males quickly tire of having sex with the same female, but are quickly reawakened by a new mate.

However, for ethical reasons, such experiments are not carried out in human society.

But from everyone’s simple experience, the Coolidge effect should also be established for human beings.

He will be honest only if he hangs the man on the wall.

Well, it’s just as natural for men to take care of themselves as it is about to rain. This is a simple identification of the human Coolidge effect.

02 The Coolidge Effect in Humans

Morally, the real human Coolidge experiment cannot be performed, but some researchers have conducted simulated experiments.

Researchers recruited more than 600 young people, asked them to look at a series of photos of the opposite sex, picked 10 dates, and then assigned 10 sex opportunities, they could choose to have one with each person, or One of them does 10 times, or any combination, as long as the total adds up to 10 times.

The results were the same as the Coolidge effect, with men choosing more partners.

In addition, the study also found two interesting phenomena.

1. In most cases, women will say 10 sex opportunities are allocated to one or two men, but when all men are very good, women also show a tendency to want to have sex with more men.

It’s no wonder that female fans in the fan circle frequently change their husbands. Of course, good men all want it. This kind of greed is human nature, not just limited to men.

2. As men age, their desire for multiple sexual partners increases, and they are less picky about their appearance – as long as they are young!

There is a saying that no matter how old a man is, there are only two criteria for a woman, young and beautiful. In this way, beauty is not an inevitable factor, youth is the key.

03 Like it will be presumptuous, but love is restraint

There are many biological reasons for males to indulge, such as getting more offspring. It doesn’t actually do that, but it’s a biological instinct.

As people grow older, people will pay more and more attention to themselves, and they will gradually accept their own biological nature, telling themselves that “men are like this”, and then committing “mistakes that every man can make” “.

Although this kind of indulgence gained a moment of joy, the harm to the lover was huge.

Love is companionship, persistence, warmth and responsibility.

Resisting temptation is the responsibility of a lover, and no one wants to share the other half with another person.

However, through the Coolidge effect, we can also learn a clever way of keeping love fresh.

As long as it feels new, it will arouse the passions of men.

So instead of constantly looking for someone new, let yourself keep falling in love again. For example, role-playing can be performed to give two people new roles.

Of course, the more important thing is that two people must grow together and learn to discover the advantages of their lovers, so that old love always has a new look, and this will make love lasting and fresh.

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