Cherish those you love and those who love you

Because you have loved, you will not be enemies; because you have been hurt, you will not be friends.

If the 500 times of looking back in the past life was exchanged for the passing of this life, then I would have been very happy — in fact, passing by is also a deep fate. Buddha said: 500 times to look back in exchange for the passing of this life. You can meet someone in a second, know someone in a minute, fall in love with someone in an hour, fall in love with someone in a day, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

When she doesn’t love you, no matter whether she loved you in the past or forgot, or never loved you, when you can no longer be that person in her heart, her heart will not remember you. Please don’t bother her when you’re not happy, she’s definitely not where you should be at the moment. Please don’t tell her your trivialities, she has no time and is not interested in learning about you and your life. Even if she did, she would soon forget it. Without love, you are doomed not to squeeze into her life. Please don’t cry in front of her, she can’t give you care and concern, at least a little sympathy. Only those who love you will truly cherish you, not sympathy and pity on the sidelines.

When she doesn’t love you, your love is her burden. Please don’t count your efforts and don’t expect anything in return. You are attentive, she is unintentional, and loving someone who doesn’t love her is unrewarding in itself. Don’t care about right and wrong, it will be happier. Please don’t lose your self-confidence, because loving someone is not about her excellence, but just a feeling. She makes you feel that way, and you love her. Likewise, if she doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean you’re not good. Excellence is not a reason for love. There are so many people who love themselves, and a faint smile is also strangely sweet.

When she doesn’t love you, she must also bless her. With love, there should be no hatred, because once there was love, the days of love were happy, and it was also happiness to be together with fate. There was happiness and love, and there would be no more hatred. She lost someone who loved her, and you lost someone who didn’t love you, but you got a chance to live and love again. Please take a deep breath. The road of your life is covered with flower buds of love. There is always one flower that belongs to you. Although there are many flowers, there is no repeating one. This is already destined for life.

When she doesn’t love you, that is when you disappear from his life, leave her for the first time and live your own life proudly. At the same time, you also want her to be happy and find her future. Gently embrace the warmth in the memory, and stare softly at the tenderness of withering. No matter what the result is, it will destroy the beauty of the past. Leaving cleanly, maybe one afternoon in a few years, when she narrows her eyes in the sun, she will remember a beautiful moment and smile knowingly. All the memories are worth it.

Love doesn’t have to be forever. What you once had may be the best memories of your life. Because they have loved, they will not be enemies; because they have been hurt, they will not be friends; they can only be the most familiar strangers. Love is heavy with knowledge, drunk and know wine is strong. Memories about love should be collected well, but the happiness in the future should be found individually.

Love is a feeling, and not loving is also a feeling, and it is often difficult to decide whether the feeling in your heart is love or not. It turns out that what you hold in your hands is not necessarily what you really have; what you have is not necessarily what you really engrave in your heart. There are many times in life that you need to consciously give up, because when you have it, you may be losing it, and when you give up, you may be gaining it again.

Those who understand know how to give up, those who are sincere know how to sacrifice, and those who are happy know how to detach. For those who do not love themselves, what they need most is understanding, giving up and blessing. Too much self-love is begging the other for alms. To love and to be loved is a happy thing. Don’t let this become pain. Now that you have gone through it, many years later, I occasionally think of it, and I hope it is a good memory. Live confidently, be happy, and leave the most beautiful smile to those who hurt you the most. Smart people know that they want to be happy.

Cherish those you love and those who love you.

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