Can the hair of the clitoris be shaved off?

Some people say that the hair of the clitoris plays a role in protecting the female vagina and preventing the invasion of foreign bodies and germs; but some people think that the hair of the female clitoris provides a place for fungi, trichomoniasis, pubic lice and various pathogenic bacteria. . So can they be shaved off? How can women maintain clitoral health?

The body hair of the private parts is the surface part of the female external genitalia, located in front of the pubic bone. After puberty, the subcutaneous fat becomes increasingly plump, in the shape of a pad, and pubic hair grows. The distribution of pubic hair is basically an inverted triangle, covering the labia majora downward and meeting the anus. In the front, some women’s private body hair is distributed in long strips. The thickness, richness and sparseness of private body hair can vary greatly, but the degree of curling, how much, density, thickness and color can vary between individuals and races, and are not directly related to development.

A clean, cool vulva without pubic hair greatly reduces the chance of lower genital tract infections. Many women have never shaving their pubic hair, especially those with thick and thick pubic hair. Coupled with the closed wearing habit, the pubic area is wet, hot and unclean. It is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of mold and various pathogenic bacteria. Lead to lower genital tract infection, further lead to infertility, but also one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of cervical cancer. The results of many surveys show that the incidence of female reproductive tract infection is related to the hygienic habit of shaving pubic hair.

From the above information, it can be seen that shaving the body hair of the private parts is good for women’s health, but the traditional concept is at play. Female friends who cannot accept it for a while can start by keeping the private parts clean and paying attention to the maintenance of the private parts.

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