Can I still ejaculate after ligation?

Sperm, produced by the testis, mature in the epididymis, transported by the vas deferens to the seminal vesicles, and then expelled from the ejaculatory duct into the urethra, and finally ejaculated out of the body. Then the sperm swim and swim, swim to the egg and combine with it to form a fertilized egg, and a new life is born.

But in fact, many handsome guys and beautiful girls value the process of applauding their love more, and don’t want to create life too quickly or repeatedly. So many tricks came into being. Each of these tactics has strengths and weaknesses. One such technique is a vasectomy — a near-permanent form of birth control. As the saying goes, Kanglong has regrets, and profits cannot last for a long time, and the trick of vasectomy is that Kanglong has no regrets, no complaints and no regrets. So now there are fewer and fewer people who choose to be ligated.

The vas deferens is a tube that transports sperm and is surgically closed so that sperm cannot pass through. Commonly used methods are ligation, excision, electrocautery and so on. This operation can be carried out under local anesthesia, and the operation time is not long. But there is still a certain pain, especially when looking for and pulling the spermatic cord, there will be a more obvious pulling and soreness. Many people have the following questions about this surgery. I will explain one by one.

Can I still ejaculate after ligation?

You know, semen is not all sperm, semen just provides a suitable environment for sperm to survive. Prostate secretions, seminal vesicle secretions, and bulbourethral gland secretions are all components of semen. So after the ligation, you can still ejaculate normally, but there is no sperm in the ejaculated fluid at this time.

Where did my sperm go after the ligation?

Sperm are initially stored in the testis and epididymis, and local stasis occurs after ligation. The resulting sperm is then eliminated by factors such as increased epididymal absorption, destruction of local autoimmunity, etc. In the process of this increased immune response, there are certain effects on the testis and epididymis. Studies have shown that after a vasectomy, there will be a transient decrease in androgen levels, which generally return to normal within a few months. If more sperm is produced than absorbed, sperm stasis develops, which can manifest as scrotal and epididymal enlargement, with or without pain. Treatment is mainly symptomatic.

Can it be reconnected after ligation?

The current development of microsurgical technology, there is indeed vas deferens recanalization. However, not everyone can succeed after ligation, and the success rate is only about 80%. Even if the anastomosis is successful, factors such as the formation of local scars and the atrophy of the seminiferous epithelium of the testis after long-term ligation need to be considered. It is generally believed that it takes 8-12 months for the woman to become pregnant after reversal, but there are also reports that the woman can become pregnant after 2 months. The shorter the ligation time, the better the recovery of spermatogenesis after recanalization. That’s why it is said that this is a near-permanent form of birth control that may fail when you go back and do recanalization.

What are the effects after ligation?

In addition to the possibility of sperm stagnation and failure of recanalization as mentioned above. Painful nodules may also develop. It is an induration accompanied by pain at the surgical site, which is related to factors such as local inflammatory reaction, thread knot reaction, and the formation of semen granulomas. In the short term, there may be pain, infection, slow healing of the incision, transient loss of libido, and scrotal skin fistula.

In short, there are many methods of contraception, and it is not necessary to choose this more traumatic method. Although this method can achieve relatively ideal and long-term results, and will not affect the experience of sexual life, its shortcomings are also obvious. I also hope that you will consider it carefully and carefully. If you choose a certain way, you must bear the corresponding consequences. Finally, I wish you all a happy life, health and happiness.

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