Can girls use vibrators for a long time?

Sex toys can be used for a long time, but the following points should be paid more attention.

1. It is not advisable to use the vibrator to stimulate excessively, which will easily lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the organs.

Therefore, for a long time, ordinary sex has no stimulation and pleasure, and can only be stimulated by the vibrator.

2. The intensity and frequency of use vibrator is more stimulating than normal sexual behavior.

If it is used for a long time, it is easy to stimulate the uterus, which may lead to aggravation of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, pay attention to the frequency and intensity of use. At present, a large number of women have begun to use these artificial dildos and vibrators, and everyone should choose toys that suit their own needs.

3, Pay attention to hygiene, be sure to clean the toys before and after use!

And it is best to buy rechargeable products, try not to choose products with batteries. Don’t buy inferior products to save money. It should be noted that long-term frequent use will cause certain harm. Sex toys are a tool for women to stimulate themselves. At the same time, they can solve the physiological needs of single women and enhance the interest between husband and wife. When using it, it must be avoided too frequently. Frequent and continuous use of such products will cause harm to women’s bodies to varying degrees, cause some gynecological problems, and even affect women’s sensitivity. . From these aspects, masturbation devices cannot be used frequently for a long time. Therefore, restraint must be exercised when using such products. Women often use adult products, and improper selection will also threaten the health of your guys, so we should follow the correct way to make effective improvements in normal times, so that our body has a healthy development is the best. Otherwise, it will endanger the safety of our lives and bring a series of troubles to our bodies.

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