Can boyfriends touching girlfriend’s breasts really make them more plump?

Men also have a say in women’s breasts. They have demands and are willing to contribute. In fact, the contribution of men is no less than the efforts made by women themselves. Men’s caress is the most effective breast enhancement massage, and high-quality massage is better than any breast enhancement recipe.

Massage can at least prevent breast hyperplasia, benign breast lumps and breast fibroma, and prevent breast duct blockage. It is also very helpful for development, and stimulates the secretion of estrogen, making women more angelic and beautiful. The role of eternal youth. Because the hormones of women in love will increase, and then external massage will be effective.

Three “chest touch” techniques to make breasts fuller


1. Push the breast straight: first, use the right palm to exert force on the upper part of the left breast, that is, below the clavicle, push it down to the root of the breast evenly and gently, and then push it back up along the original route. After doing 20-50 times, switch to the left hand. Massage the right breast 20-50 times.

2. Push the breast laterally: Use the base of the left palm and the palm surface to exert force from the middle of the chest, push the right breast laterally until the armpit, and use the five fingers to bring back the breast tissue when returning . After repeating 20-50 times, switch to the right hand. Massage the left breast 20-50 times.

3. Massage breasts with hot compress: apply a hot towel to both breasts for 3-5 minutes before going to bed every night, and massage around the breasts with the palm of your hand, from left to right, massage 20-50 times. Just massage 1 time a day according to the above method and insist on massage for 2-3 months, the breast can be raised by 2-3 cm.

4. Physical exercise: Exercise is a good recipe for breast enhancement. Participate in physical exercise, especially pay attention to exercising the chest muscles, so that the pectoralis major muscles are developed and promote breast fullness. Usually pay attention to the standing and walking posture , often keep the chest and abdomen, in order to facilitate the development of breasts, and participating in swimming is especially helpful for the bodybuilding of double breasts.


1. With the fingers of both hands, encircle the tissue around the entire breast, and stay for 3 seconds each time.

2. Open your hands and press down from the cleavage in parallel, all the way to the periphery of the breast.

Goal: To keep the chest from sagging.


If women with high standards are still not satisfied, they can teach men a set of breast massage, which is performed in a posture of hugging behind their backs. Of course, this action can also be done by yourself.

1. Combine the four fingers, cover the lower edge of the chest with the palm and the pulp of the fingers, slide and massage from the outside to the inside, until the maintenance product is fully absorbed, effectively improving the external expansion of the chest .

2. Combine the four fingers, cover the outer edge of the chest with the palm and the pulp of the fingers, while sliding from bottom to top, move the armpit fat inward, massage until the maintenance product is completely absorbed, prevent sagging of the chest, and help improve the phenomenon of auxiliary breasts.

4.Combine the four fingers, pat the lower edge of the chest alternately with both hands from bottom to top, massage until the product is absorbed, and effectively improve the sagging of the chest.

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