“Break up” should not be a fearless love game

There is a game that women often play, but men never play, and even hate it. That’s the breakup game.

Men always don’t understand why women have 18 knots in their intestines and like to play tricks. The woman was also very angry, complaining that the man did not understand her heart as incomprehensible as an oracle bone inscription.

They are accustomed to taking breakup as a means of threatening, in order to obtain other things, or to test how much a man loves them, or, more likely, just doing nothing out of boredom – the so-called “zuo” in Shanghai dialect. All in all, even if a woman really wants to break up, it has to be an obsessive novel, and she has to go back and forth for a long time to reduce all her love.

Most of the time, women don’t want to carry out a real breakup, but just talk about “breakup” and feel a little arrogant and superior – I will leave at any time!

For men, it’s a completely different story. They usually don’t engage in these hypocritical tricks, and they don’t know how funny it is to shout about breaking up. The breakup of a man is carried out according to the ancient adage of “break up when it breaks”. Generally speaking, there is little room for recovery, and it is very difficult. And when a woman says she wants to break up, it’s actually like a child who can’t get up on the ground and wants to buy candy. Just coax her, and she’ll be fine. Even in a situation where we should really break up, I still crave for a little warmth and continue to be “soft and chaotic”.

In the American TV series “Friends”, there was a time when Ross interfered with Rachel’s work. Rachel couldn’t stand the mention of breaking up. Ross slammed the door and went to find him that night. The next day Rachel came knocking on the door, holding Rose’s face and saying, “We’re still a couple, aren’t we?”

Later, Rachel found out that Ross betrayed her and was very sad, and the two really broke up. After that, there was a possibility of reconciliation, but Rachel asked Ross to admit that he betrayed him first. Ross refused to accept the account, insisting that Rachel had dumped him at that time, and he had the freedom to be single. Because of different opinions on “whether or not to break up at that time”, the reunion fell through.

This is the epitome of the different thoughts between men and women when they interpret the breakup. For a woman, she said breaking up doesn’t mean it’s really breaking up, it’s just the beginning of the story, and there’s still more to come. For example, a man has to work hard to save her, coax her hard, and admit that he’s an idiot. , promised to buy her beautiful clothes, took her on vacation, gave her a lot of roses, stood in front of her house in the rainy night… As soon as Rachel mentioned the breakup, Ross ran off to have fun, it was really unacceptable, you Don’t you cherish me at all? So happy to accept the proposal to break up, is it right in your arms?

But for a man, being dumped by a woman is already shameful enough, and he has to bow down to turn the tide. How cheap is this?

In fact, this kind of plot happens from time to time in real life. It’s a bit like the story of “The Wolf is Coming”, always shouting to break up, to break up, to break up, and in the end, it really broke up.

Be careful to use the word breakup, its lethality may be greater than you imagine, and it is not a means of retreating. An African friend told me that if there is a tendency to quarrel between lovers, shut up and go to the bathroom to take a shower. When the mood is not so tense, it will be more pleasing to the eye when you come out and see the other person’s face. If you’re really emotional, it’s better to find some milder alternatives, such as “I want to calm down”, “I’m going out to buy a bottle of water.”

It is true that negative emotions must be interrupted, but don’t use a concluding word like “break up” lightly. Likewise, for married couples, the word divorce is even more taboo. Threatening to divorce is not a trump card, but a double-edged sword, which will also cut off your own retrea

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