Boyfriend can’t let go of his ex-girlfriend, do you want to keep going?

I will give up, cut the mess quickly, and I don’t even bother to take care of this kind of scumbag. Yes, in my eyes, after starting a new relationship, I still miss my ex so much to stimulate the current one. Those who are not ashamed but plausible, both men and women, are scumbags. Attributes. I think it’s understandable to have an ex who can’t forget me, after all memory is out of control. But this matter can only stay in his heart and cannot be used to stimulate me. He may occasionally think of her, when walking down the street together, when a familiar scene occurs, when watching a movie that you have seen together, when listening to a song you have heard together, you can’t help but feel When I think of her, the scene flashes in my mind… I can accept the above, but your boyfriend is beyond my understanding. There are various signs that he is still in love with her in his mind, hoping that one day, they will be able to start again. Social traces, mobile phone passwords, and search traces are all hers, not yours. You are at best a tool for him to forget about his ex, and a tool for not having opinions. He has the intention to have a good life with you and start over, but he is unable to forget the past and make you feel at ease. So, if it were me, staying for one more day would feel like a waste of my great youth, damn your ex, damn your thoughts, I’m busy living a good life and falling in love, I don’t have time to watch you show the lower limit, take you and your ex to remember for a lifetime Go, the old lady is waiting impatiently, goodbye!

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