Born for beauty

Only human beings have aesthetics, and only human beings know what beauty is, whether it is biological, physiological or moral.

Women love beauty, men love beauty, this is human nature, don’t be embarrassed for your love of beauty, men and women are all the same, a man should not think of beauty for himself, even from beauty In those aspects, don’t be embarrassed, this is the instinct of human beings as animals, because human beings have moral constraints, they will not be like animals, they are beasts, not human, so men are limited to saying “yellow” jokes or is a joke. Women are more boring, but they will also talk to their good girlfriends. This girlfriend is also complicated now. Some girls’ girlfriends are men, but she doesn’t think he is a man when she is with him, so he just Often have to help her buy sanitary napkins.

In fact, people are born for beauty. As long as they can take care of themselves, as long as they are healthy, who doesn’t want to dress up beautifully? I will be ridiculed by some female colleagues in my work unit. When I go out, all the female colleagues are already there. I was waiting downstairs. I was the only one who was still wearing makeup. It was true. I was really putting on makeup. Those female colleagues asked me where I was going. Some female colleagues said, “Hey! Make up! Because of this, a female colleague told me privately, saying that I am a man and a woman for a while, and I like it very much in my heart. I think I am a man and a woman. Speaking of a man and a woman, there are some experiences that may make men Feeling excited.

I’ve gone into the women’s restroom by mistake many times. Once I looked at the sign that said it was a men’s toilet, but when I went in, I found three middle-aged women. What was even more exciting was that they were all standing and had finished peeing, but they didn’t put up their pants. I could see their private parts vividly. I also talked to them. It turned out that I was in the women’s toilet, and the men’s toilet was the one with the women’s toilet sign. This is only known to the insiders. How could I know that as an outsider? I went into the women’s toilet, and when I came out, I found out that I was in the women’s toilet. I said, why is there no urinal in it? The third time, I was drinking coffee in a cafe, and I went to the toilet halfway. I plunged into the women’s toilet. After urinating, I felt wrong. Later, I found out that the men’s toilet and the women’s toilet are next to each other, which is particularly easy to go wrong. The few times I stumbled into the women’s toilet, there have been people, or encountered people, but I haven’t encountered any trouble. Maybe it’s because I’m handsome and they’re more open.

I don’t understand why a good looking man can only be called handsome, and a good looking woman can be called beautiful. When I was shopping for a belt yesterday, I didn’t forget to flirt with the saleswoman. I said I’m good-looking. She said you were handsome, but I wasn’t very happy. I like beautiful women who say I’m good-looking or pretty.

Whether it is a man or a woman, we must live for ourselves and for beauty. As long as we live a healthy life, we must be beautiful, and smug beauty is also a kind of beauty. People must love beauty and live for beauty, which has nothing to do with age. .

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