Beards make men attractive to women

Among many clean-shaven men, masculine faces tended to be considered the least attractive, while untreated faces tended to be the most attractive.
When it comes to personal grooming, a new study recently found that men tend to be more inclined to shave with a razor, but researchers have found that having a beard seems to increase male attractiveness; in short-term relationships , women tend to be more attracted to men with stubble, and men with full beards in long-term relationships tend to be the most popular choice for women. Related research was published in the international journal the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

So what exactly makes men attractive to women is a question that scientists have been studying for several years; men with more male facial features, such as broad jaws, tend to be seen as more attractive over shorter periods of time, the researchers say In other studies, researchers have found that in long-term relationships, women may prefer men with less male facial features, which makes them feel more caring and considerate.

So what exactly does facial hair do? Beards are often considered a more pronounced male facial feature, but researchers don’t yet know the role that beards play in influencing female mate preference; Men with beards may be preferred by women in long-term relationships, which seems to contradict previous beliefs that women prefer men who are more masculine in short-term relationships. The researchers say they don’t know why such differences in the preferences of the two sex-differential traits appear.

For the study, researchers Dixson and colleagues set out to investigate how beards affect men’s attractiveness in long-term and short-term relationships. They photographed 36 men at different stages, when they were just shaving and when they had a little stubble ( 5th day of beard growth), heavy beard (10th day of beard growth), large beard (at least four weeks and beard not groomed). In addition, the researchers manipulated photos of 16 of the men to make them either more masculine or more feminine.

The researchers then asked 8,520 women to view normal and retouched photos of men and asked the women to rate each man’s mugshot based on attractiveness, as well as their attractiveness in both short-term and long-term relationships; the researchers explained, When women in short-term relationships imagine the types of male faces that appeal to them, this short-term attractiveness may allow them to rate men, which means the relationship may not last long. The long-term attraction situation asked participants to imagine the types of men they could look for in a long-term relationship that would be more attractive to them. married people.

In general, among many clean-shaven men, the masculine face tends to be considered the least attractive, while the untreated face with the beard tends to be the most attractive. When assessing the effect of beards on judgments of female attractiveness, the researchers found that individuals with slightly more beards and beards tended to be more attractive than those with full beards and clean-shaven faces.

Yet when it comes to relationships, researchers have found that women see bearded men as the most attractive in long-term relationships, while men with slightly more beards and Short-term relationships are considered most attractive by women. Heavier beards and full beards reduced the effects of small changes in facial shape in the processed photos, the researchers said, and that these manifestations also influenced women’s judgments of attractiveness by masking changes in men’s faces. The researchers concluded that beards appear to mask femininity or unattractive features in a man’s face shape, making men more attractive.

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