Be an elegant woman

To be a woman is to be an elegant woman, this is what I know now. So what are the elements of an elegant woman?

1, Have cultural literacy

Without the influence of culture, it is difficult for people to feel connotation, and women without connotation will appear very vulgar.

2. Have an elegant conversation

Don’t be in a hurry, if you speak impatiently, it will make people feel unstable, and it is difficult for a woman who is not stable to gain respect and appreciation from others. Don’t repeat, don’t say the same thing over and over again.

3. Dress appropriately and wear high heels

It is very important for a woman to have one or more decent clothes. Being decent is not just about fit, but also in line with the scene, what kind of clothes you wear in any scene, and high heels no matter what kind of clothes you wear. If it is an entertainment place, follow the instructions. Can be taller, ten centimeters. If it is a work scene, the heel of high-heeled shoes can be lower, within ten centimeters. No matter how high or low the heel is, you must walk steadily, neither leaning forward nor swaying from side to side.

4, Remember to wear stockings

High heels and decent clothes are inseparable from the decoration of stockings. The stockings are best to choose flesh-colored, black or colored, and change them according to different scenes. It is best not to wear suspenders or open-crotch stockings, which will look too frivolous. .

5. Appropriate makeup

Don’t use light makeup when you should use heavy makeup. On the contrary, don’t use heavy makeup when you should use light makeup, otherwise it will destroy the atmosphere. Too thick makeup makes people feel charming, and too light makeup makes people feel that you don’t pay enough attention to him or her.

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