Be a boy with love

In fact, many boys don’t know that the girls turned around and kept weeping after getting mad at them.

Be a boy who cares about love. In fact, many boys don’t know that girls will never really be angry with them, because she really likes him and cares about him.

In fact, many boys don’t know that girls will only nag to the boys they like, and they will only play tricks on the ones they like.

You have to know that if she doesn’t like you, she won’t care about you at all, for fear of you doing something wrong.

You have to know that if she doesn’t like you, she won’t get mad at you at all, she won’t act like a spoiled child to let you coax her, she is a lady in front of others.

You know, if she doesn’t like you, you don’t have the ability to make her cry, even if she gets angry, it won’t last more than 2 days and it’s all just because she likes you, and it’s all because you don’t care enough about her enough understand her.

So, you often quarrel, you think she has a bad temper, and she thinks you are not enough to accommodate her.

So, you are always fighting coldly, you think she doesn’t like you, she thinks you don’t care about her.

So, you always miss each other inexplicably, maybe passing by, which is a kind of sad helplessness and happiness in itself.

You must know that poignant beauty is still a kind of beauty, and beauty is splendid and tragic and vicissitudes, it is even more beautiful.

Because she likes you, she occasionally gets mad at you and acts like a spoiled child.

Because she likes you, she will be angry with you; and because she likes you, she will not be angry for a long time.

Did you know that every girl’s heart is made of crystal, which is crystal clear, but it is easy to be bruised and broken.

Did you know that every girl is undefended, you broke into her heart so easily, and you left only hurt when you left.

She never knew that there is no one in this world who can make her cry, because the one who really deserves her crying is simply reluctant to let her cry.

She will be very reserved, she will be very proud, she will be very cold, she always tells you to go away, but she always tells you to stay in her heart.

Please open your ears, and please open your heart to listen to the real call of her heart, not the duplicity in her mouth.

She will watch you turn around, and then she will turn around with you. When you pass by, you can’t see her tears, pouring down on her face and heart.

If you like her, please accompany her more; if you like her, please spoil her more; if you like her, please allow her more.

If you like her, please listen to her inner voice, which is a cry-please hug her.

In love, they always hurt each other, as if this is the only way to prove that they love fiercely.

However, in love there is no right or wrong; in love, you are more than me and I am less than you.

You love her, she loves you, that’s enough. Don’t try to make each other hurt and make each other more vulnerable and sad.

You love each other, what you need is warmth, happiness, sweetness, joy, not hurt.

Don’t declare war with silence, don’t give in to each other, and don’t leave indifferently without saying anything.

You know, when you left, your eyes were foggy, and her eyes were full of tears. The quieter it is, the more intense the war will be. This is the cold war and the damage to each other – no matter how it is compounded, those wounds once existed and cannot be erased.

Please give her a hug, and use your hug to dissolve the sadness in her heart and the tears in her eyes.

She likes you, she will never refuse your hug, she will only be afraid of your indifference and turn around silently.

Remember, those who love each other should not declare war easily, because the damage caused by the cold war is beyond your expectation.

Please also remember that as long as you like her, there is nothing that you cannot accept. As long as you like her, you will like everything about her.

Then all her petty temper, all her bad temper, all her stinky faults, are coquettish in your eyes.

Please also remember that she likes you, what she needs is not that you really turn around, and what she is saying is not her true words.

She just wants you to pamper her and hug her, even if she doesn’t apologize.

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