As a girl, let me tell you, what kind of oral sex do girls like?

First of all I was lucky enough to know what it was like to have an orgasm. Probably because I know how to communicate and share. I also believe that every girl wants to have a gentler boyfriend. Guys, please take a good look at this article. How to do it? You and your partner can talk openly.

In addition to thrusting, there is another very wonderful way to satisfy girls, which is oral sex.

There is an important prerequisite. Before oral sex, most girls will choose to wash themselves, unless you have a strong taste. So don’t engage in raids, it will make girls think about a problem the whole time. The underside of the wash should be odorless or have only a faint body odor. I prefer some special scents, but I don’t know if boys like it or not. After all, most girls don’t ask this question. Maybe strawberry flavor is the best?

OK, let’s start now.

Imagine, at night, in a room where both of you have showered and your bedside or background lights are on, and you’re only wearing your closest fitting clothes, slowly getting closer to each other…

Mouth also needs foreplay. Foreplay is very important that you need to know where your girlfriend’s sensitive areas are, such as nipples, behind ears, neck, back, inner thighs, you can touch, kiss or use your tongue more Swipe those places.

Observe that if the woman starts to breathe faster, you can touch her underside with your hands as if you don’t know it. Don’t come up, just touch the underside with your hands. To keep her in a state of eagerness to be touched there, you can tease her for a while. After kissing for a while, she should start to get hot.

After entering the state, slowly shift your attention from the top to the bottom. How to transfer it? Imagine you are both lying in bed, the usual practice is to keep your lips and nose from leaving her skin after licking a rut or any other sensitive area, stick your tongue out, touch the tip of your nose to her skin, and make her feel There was something soft on her skin. This kind of feeling seems to be absent, because the contact area is not large, but it is very warm, and girls generally cannot refuse such boys. At this point, you can start to move your body, and your head slowly slides down, licking it from the surface of her skin. At this time, her body will be crisp, and at the same time, she will feel that something is slowly approaching her. Usually, girls will be nervous at this time, and her body will focus on your tongue. Keep a certain rhythm, not too fast, not too slow. Make her feel that way. The longer this feeling lasts, the more comfortable she will be.

The head slowly slides to the bottom and enters the next stage of the theme, but you can’t cut into the theme all at once. After provoking her feeling, slowly lean towards the middle. Then start to hold it with the mouth, the mouth is very warm, and let the warm tongue keep licking it while holding it. Finish licking one side, then continue to hold the other side in the same way. Do not bite, because you have entered the sensitive area, any pain will be magnified countless times, especially she has concentrated all her attention on the following.

Adjust the posture, start the next step, start from the lower end, use the tongue surface as close as possible to there, from the bottom to the top, gently and gently back and forth 10 times. Note, it’s one-way from bottom to top, tongue out of there, bottom up again, and use your warm and moist tongue to make an intimate touch with her sister. Here’s a trick! At this time, a lady gave feedback: in the process from bottom to top, when you are about to touch the clitoris, don’t touch it with your tongue, let her feel something warm close, and feel that she is about to touch her most When it comes to sensitive parts, stop abruptly and hang on to the feeling that she wants to be touched. You continue from the bottom to the top. After a few times, she may be very anxious, Hold! At this time, the girl has already fallen into a trap, but she can be further satisfied. In the process of licking from the bottom to the top, when she almost touches the clitoris, when the mouth leaves to continue the next round, use the tip of the tongue to gently pick it up! Tick ​​her clitoris with the tip of her tongue and her body will definitely be electrocuted”. A few times back and forth, she starts stroking your head (normal), starts gasping and starts rhythm uhhhh.

As a girl, please make sure that you have some responses during this period. Of course, some boys will ask girls if they like this kind of thing. Of course, asking is not asking. You just let the girls focus, talk less, and be more umm. Praise her over and over again. Praise is what every girl wants to hear, which will make her more engaged. Do the majority of male compatriots remember the scene in the pornographic film where the actress said “Oh Yi Xi~” while licking her deeply. It’s all about that feeling, our commitment. The other person can feel it, get involved, and enjoy the process.

Observe girls. After a set of movements, if you want to prepare to orgasm, my suggestion is to tell the other person that you are going to orgasm, so that it is easy to reach the final and most fitting point, and everything has begun. Perfect Ending is the most important thing.

Please continue without stopping, tap the tip of your tongue, and quickly tease, and then you can start to lick up and down, and left and right. At this stage, the girl should be in the early stage of preparing for GC. The cry may get louder and there may be some struggles. You have to stabilize her and don’t let her get out of your mouth (she doesn’t want you to get away either). Continue to lick and sweep the tongue, quickly pick points, follow the woman’s rhythm, and keep it. At this time, she may talk nonsense, such as calling her brother or hurry up, but of course I won’t say it. I remember a guy’s tongue must be tired at this time, but I swear she’ll hate you if you stop at this point, keep the constant clitoral stimulation like this, trust me, she’s taking off until she’s light

As soon as her body is lighter, she can slow down the rhythm. Please don’t move. Because it is a sensitive period, you’d better come up slowly and hold her now, and if she accepts, you can also kiss her. I met a boy who kissed me from the foot to the hair. It was a sense of ritual…

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