Are women’s labia pigmentation due to frequent sex?

—The relationship between labia pigmentation and sexual life

A black pubic area just means that your girlfriend has more melanin in that area, and sex is a small part of it. It doesn’t mean that the object is “excessive” or “naturally lewd.”

Generally, there are three reasons for the darkening of the labia of women:

1. Genetic reasons:

The primary color of nipples, labia majora, and labia minora is determined by genetic factors. Young women who have no experience in pregnancy and childbirth, even if the labia is black, are born with it. It is very rude to think that she has been “played”. thing.

2. Normal pigmentation:

The color of the female genitals is affected by its own melanin deposition, which is also related to female hormones. The shade of this color varies from person to person and is related to the amount of pigment itself. Women with naturally fairer skin will be slightly pinkish, and those with naturally darker skin will have darker genitals.

3. Too frequent sex causes:

During sex, the labia is repeatedly stimulated by external friction for a long time, so that the local pigmentation increases, and its color will deepen with time. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. At the same time, the hormone melanin during sexual stimulation will also make the labia. Turned into a black halo.

Therefore, frequent sex life will cause the labia to darken, but there are many factors that affect the darkening of the labia, and other factors are very common. Women cannot control themselves. Men need to have a correct attitude and cannot generalize.​​​

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