Are those unknown sexual fetishes normal?

In the brain, your sexual feelings are a combination of cognitive, emotional and physiological processes. Because of the privacy of sexual behavior, it is very difficult to study high sexual fetishes. To solve this difficulty, a study used a Yahoo group to analyze eight The relative frequencies of typical preferences were estimated.

Among the 5,000 online users, the researchers found that the most frequent hobbies were not just body parts, but also items related to body parts, such as shoes and headphones.

The more common are the hobbies of body fluids and body shape, but the most popular ones are the feet and toes.

Why is this happening?

If we look at this map showing the correspondence between brain parts and sensory functions, we can see that the parts of the brain that control the feet, toes and genitals are next to each other.

We found this link between sexual desire and brain regions in a study of a man with epileptic seizures who was sexually interested in pins, and after temporarily removing part of his brain lobe, his epilepsy went away, Sexual interest in pins also stopped.

Sexual imprinting is a process, and sexual fetishes may develop from childhood experiences, when the human brain grows the most synapses.

In the process, young humans and animals learn which mates to be attracted to, which is often influenced by the people who raised us.

A study found that adopted daughters ended up choosing husbands with very similar facial features to their adoptive fathers, and women who felt they had more positive and close relationships with their fathers were also more likely to choose partners with similar characteristics to their fathers, and those who had a relationship with their fathers were more likely to Bad women don’t.

But for sexual fetishes, sexual imprinting can also be built on certain objects. One study conducted an experiment with two groups of sexually immature mice:

One group of mice put on a small jacket for the first time, while the other control group wore nothing. After the mice became sexually mature, whether they wore the jacket or not, the control group showed normal mating behavior. While the experimental group was not able to achieve sexual arousal without wearing a jacket, the experiment with other items yielded similar results.

This may explain why a person with a leather fetish might not be able to orgasm without a leather jacket and trousers.

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