Along the way, in fact, we do not belong to each other

Some people get along with each other day and night, but they can’t get into their hearts; Origination and demise are all predestined. Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if not, do not push it. When the predestined relationship comes, it is happy, and when the predestination goes, it disperses. You are here, I read, and I wish you go. Life does not need unnecessary attachments, everything is random. Home is very dull, as long as you can see the smiling faces of your relatives every day, it is a display of happiness; love is very simple, as long as you miss each other every day, it is a solid emotion. Time will precipitate the truest emotions; wind and rain will test the warmest companionship. What goes far is only fleeting; what remains is love worth cherishing. If you come warmly, you may not last long; if you love plainly, you may not be ruthless. What the eyes see may be an illusion, and the feeling of the heart is the most real; what the ears hear may be an illusion, and the listening of the heart is the most important.

Along the way, in fact, we are not who we are. No matter whether we meet sooner or later, we can accompany with sincerity; friends, no matter how far or near, can only be warm when we know them. Vigorous, not necessarily sincere; silent, not necessarily inadvertent. Give it all to time and there will always be an answer. Staying together in plainness is the most precious; possession in simplicity is the most reassuring. Along the way, in fact, we are all looking for someone who can speak our hearts. When happiness is shared, it will be doubled; when suffering is shared, it will be halved. No matter what kind of mood, as long as someone understands, it is the best comfort. Accompanying the invisible is the dialogue between the heart and the heart; being moved by the silence is the listening of the soul and the soul. The mutual complaint is the voice of the heart, and the giving is the distress; the connection is the soul, and the nourishment is the life. Feelings are heart-to-heart and affection. Destiny is a wonderful emotion in the world, which surrounds the joys and sorrows of life.

Time will tell us that simple love is the longest; companionship in the ordinary is the most peace of mind; people who understand you are the warmest… Knowing the windy days, look down on falling flowers; knowing the snow dance season, raise a glass to invite the moon. Knowing is a kind of precipitation feeling, a kind of open-minded feeling, a kind of quiet beauty, warm like sunshine, beautiful like blue sky, calm like sea. Understand, it is blooming flowers, light footsteps, cheerful laughter, fragrant and warm, harmonious and elegant, kind and charming. In life, only when we understand each other can we be calm, happy and happy! When life is going well, remember to restrain; when life is proud, remember to talk; when life is adversity, remember to be patient; when life is unhappy, remember to follow the fate; when you are in a bad mood, you need to cultivate; when you are in a happy mood, you need to dive; This kind of rest is also a kind of practice. All the troubles come from the noise, and all the pains come from the restlessness; the body will be tired if you run around for too long, and the soul will be hurt if you wander for too long.

In this world, there is no best man, only the closest man. There is no beautiful woman, only the most beautiful woman. If two people have a deep relationship, then in the eyes of each other, they are the best and most beautiful. People always have shortcomings, and they can turn a blind eye or endure it just because they have feelings. Therefore, the quarrel is not because the two people are in conflict, but because they are not in love enough. There is as much love as there is patience. The words you have said, the things you have done, the paths you have traveled, the people you have met, every present is a memory in the future. No need to cherish yesterday, no need to expect tomorrow, just live every moment seriously. Say what you can, do what you can do, walk the way you need to go, and meet the people you want to meet. Be down-to-earth, don’t ignore, don’t waste your time, have no fate, everything follows fate, keep a good mood, even if your heart is broken, you must have the most beautiful posture.

Do you have a pair of hands that you can’t easily let go of when you hold them? Do you have a shoulder to rely on for a lifetime to feel secure? Is there a hug, tightly so that the two will never be separated again. Is there an oath, even if the temples are gray and staggering, we will go hand in hand with each other? Is there a promise that I will meet you in the next life? Is there a person who has tried his best to forget him. Don’t think that if you hold a certain hand stubbornly, you can hold on for a long time; don’t think that if you achieve something occasionally, you can be brilliant for a lifetime. We are a stubborn stone, but we can’t stand the polishing of time, and finally we return to silence and peace.

You are not who you are, a turn may be a farewell; you are you, and everything is proud. Laughter will go away. The past is faded, the people of the past are gone, and the only one who can keep you warm is you. A beautiful woman with temperament: a broad mind, a regular life system, a reasonable eating habit, an exercise method that best suits her body, a lively and enthusiastic gregarious personality, a person who does not bow to any pressure Will, an attitude to treat any disease correctly, a you who forget your age, a face that always smiles.


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