After many years, love never comes back

The night is getting deeper and the moon is still bright. I sit quietly in front of the computer, listen to songs, and enjoy the beauty of loneliness. The calendar is flying, 2022 is about to become the past, and the curtain will come to an end. Open the dusty pages, and gradually touch the traces of the past.

The most true love words in my memory are stored in the mobile phone at night, and the habit like a shadow is always accompanied in a certain corner of life. Again, the melodious sound of the piano appeared here.

The thoughts of the past, with the flow of the moonlight, let their thoughts fly in the night. It seems to see my shadow now, supporting a trembling heart, and crying softly in the faint sound of the piano! Trembling tears, how can we grasp the gift of fate and experience the truest feeling, the most romantic love.

Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day, pink and willow green, the fragrance of butterflies in love with flowers, the fluttering butterfly dance, the shadows form a pair. Then I am the lonely butterfly on the branch in the distance, silently guarding the season that belongs to me, but where is the other one that belongs to me waiting, dancing and dancing with me?

I once remembered that many years ago, on such a night, there were still cool raindrops drifting across the windowsill, dancing and jumping in the air along with the fallen leaves. I still remember the scene at that time, you gently stretched out your hands, hugged me gently, and let me lean on your shoulders quietly. The night seemed to be glowing, and all the colors stayed by your side and me, expressing inexhaustible sweet fantasies. You and I have forgotten the season at that time, let the cold raindrops hit the warm hands, let the raindrops keep sliding down the cheeks and wet the fronts of your clothes and mine, and the whole body has no sense. At this moment, I just hope that the sky can let each other love until the end of the day. My dream is also deeply hidden in your heart, and it has been spreading. I am determined to find the source of happiness for you in the next century.

Over the years, I still clearly remember that scene, and I still remember the love between you and me. Time is passing, the sun is rising and the moon is setting in an instant, and your youth and mine are passing through the years of passion in indifference. But no matter how the facts change, I have never forgotten how I felt when I broke up, but now facing you, I no longer feel familiar, and the ruthless time has washed away the madness of the past.

Today, many years later, when you and I meet again, the past is like smoke, how sad. Thinking about the romantic love you and I once loved, I don’t know how much heart I have used to complete every vow, but the reality is not fulfilled, our tomorrow is often awakened from a dream, we don’t know where we are, and we don’t know where we are There is always a knot in my heart how to go on in my own footsteps. Facing my career and looking at my life, just when I was hesitating, I didn’t keep your heart to travel far.

Since you left, the ruthless rain gently woke me up in my dream, making my tears as ice as rain. The tears that flowed along with my love turned into rain from now on, and a sad romance was achieved. My life seemed to have lost everything in an instant, and at that time I really thought that I would no longer have happiness. Seeing myself in the mirror alone, haggard day and night, burning everything to ashes, even if there are all kinds of tenderness, and the good season is like a dream, I can only cry in life, I lead the sadness in my heart for myself, and melt the helplessness of all kinds. In the past, you no longer remember my agreement with you, because someone has replaced you in your heart, so you can only be indifferent.

Now I bring up the old snuggle again, the lingering when I was young. Looking back suddenly, your eyes have become indifferent in your memory, and you can only see a blurred face mixed with a faint smile. I really want to bring up my past thoughts of you, but I am afraid that you will hold grudges. In the face of your silence, I am in a dilemma, and my heart is hard to open. Only let the silence confess to me, this indescribable love, the unforgettable passion, the unforgettable past, in front of the facts my thoughts are no longer affirmed, the sadness hidden in the corner can only be gently surrounded by this night .

Today, many years later, the reunion of you and me, and the indifference we show to each other have all shown that love will never come back. Seeing your change, I no longer think of the past misses, and I no longer mention the vows you once said. It seems that there is no room for the scars in my memory, and there is no feeling in my emotions. I no longer miss the sweetness and sweetness of the past. romantic.

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