Aerobic exercise is more able to “increase libido”

In recent years, aerobic exercise is one of the most sought after forms of exercise. Because compared with other forms of exercise, after aerobic exercise, there is no muscle soreness, a small amount of sweating, and the feeling is not too tired, especially in this hot summer.

Our common aerobic exercises include swimming, cycling, jogging, mountain climbing, walking, Tai Chi, square dancing and so on. So, what other benefits can aerobic exercise bring to people? The beauty of Vatican is here to tell you that aerobic exercise does have many benefits, and it can also “help sex”! Please take a closer look at the following functions.

Aerobic exercise can strengthen the heart and lungs and improve libido.

Aerobic exercise is a kind of regular exercise with low intensity, rhythm and long duration. It is an exercise that lasts for more than 5 minutes and has spare energy. It refers to the physical exercise performed by the human body under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply. It is required that each exercise time is not less than 1 hour, adhere to 3-5 times a week, the exercise intensity is moderate or upper, and the maximum heart rate is 75-80%. During exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the human body is equal to the demand, reaching a physiological balance state.

Aerobic exercise enhances cardiopulmonary function and delays heart aging

○Enhance cardiopulmonary function. Aerobic exercise makes the exerciser’s breathing deepen and accelerate, thereby increasing the lung capacity and enhancing the ability to inhale oxygen.

Improve heart function and prevent the occurrence of heart disease. After oxygen is inhaled into the lungs, it must be pumped from the blood to the whole body by the beating and squeezing of the heart. Aerobic metabolism is characterized by making the heart stronger, beating more forcefully, and ejecting more blood at a time, while also improving the blood supply to the heart itself.

Delay heart aging. There are two manifestations of cardiac aging, one is the weakening of myocardial strength, and the heart is no longer pounding forcefully; the other is the obstruction of the vascular circulation in the heart. Although the aging of the heart is inevitable with age, it can be slowed down through consistent exercise.

Can increase myocardial strength. When you exercise, the heart will naturally beat faster, the pumping ability of the heart will be improved, and the strength of the heart muscle will be exercised in the process.

There are many aerobic exercises that can exercise heart function, such as jogging, swimming, aerobics, mountaineering, Nordic walking, skipping rope, various ball games and brisk walking. Young people are best to do jogging exercise, middle-aged and elderly people are best to do brisk walking, swimming and so on. However, when doing aerobic exercise, you must first do a good job of warm-up preparation, and secondly, you should proceed step by step and grasp the intensity of exercise. If the exercise intensity is too high, it will not only increase the burden on the heart, but also fail to achieve the purpose of delaying the aging of the heart.

Aerobic exercise can increase vascular elasticity and improve vascular endothelial function

Increase the elasticity of blood vessels. Exercise can accelerate blood flow, decompose blood lipid function, keep blood vessels clean and smooth, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and improve blood viscosity.

Improve vascular endothelial function. Aerobic exercise not only has a clear cardiovascular protective effect, can improve cardiac output, exercise tolerance, control cardiovascular risk factors (such as hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, obesity, etc.), but also can reduce the oxidative stress of penile blood vessels, improve Vascular endothelial function.

In addition, medical research has proved that aerobic exercise can increase high-density lipoprotein in blood cholesterol, which is the “good cholesterol ratio”, thereby reducing the possibility of coronary heart disease and hardening of the arteries.

Moderate to high-intensity aerobic exercise significantly improves erectile function

A meta-analysis in the British medical journal “Sports Med” found that increasing physical activity and exercise can significantly increase the IIEF-5 score (scale to assess erectile function) and improve erectile function in ED patients. In ischemic heart disease, metabolic syndrome, radical prostatectomy, cardiovascular risk factors, hypertension and other patients with ED combined with ED, as well as in patients with simple ED, physical activity and exercise, especially moderate-to-high-intensity aerobic exercise, can reduce the risk of Significantly improved erectile function in patients.

Aerobic exercise can effectively control high blood pressure and improve overall health

Experts from the Heart Medicine Association recommend that at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will improve overall health. The first is to effectively control hypertension. Aerobic exercise has little effect on normal blood pressure, but has a greater impact on hypertensive patients. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 11mmHg and 6mmHg, respectively, or even greater.

Hypertensive patients are often associated with obesity, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids. Adhering to aerobic exercise is not only beneficial for blood pressure control, but also helps to lose weight, lower blood lipids and control diabetes, and improve overall health. Weight control in turn helps blood pressure drop, thus entering a virtuous cycle.

Aerobic exercise increases bone density, prevents osteoporosis, and reduces excess body fat

Fractures often occur in older adults as they age. Aerobic exercise, especially walking, running, and aerobics exercises that need to support body weight, can effectively prevent calcium loss and decrease bone strength. Aerobic exercise combined with proper diet control can most effectively remove excess body fat without losing muscle components like some unscientific weight loss methods.

If you add two brisk walks a day (120 meters per minute) for 20 minutes each time, you can lose half a kilogram in two weeks and 12 kilograms of pure fat in a year.

Aerobic exercise can improve mental state and enhance various anti-stress abilities.

When a person lacks exercise, he often feels tired, depressed, memory loss, and even loses interest in work. Aerobic exercise can miraculously change this state, making people feel full and relaxed.

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