Abstinence too long, beware of these dangers

Many people know that excessive indulgence is harmful to the body. In addition to depleting the vitality of the body, excessive indulgence will make people gradually depressed, make it difficult to concentrate, and affect work and study. Therefore, many people choose “abstinence” in order not to affect their health. But in fact, the harm of abstinence, you can not underestimate it.

Abstinence for too long, beware of these dangers

1, abstinence for too long, the sexual function is easy to degenerate

When a man’s “sperm” is on the brain, the sexual desire will linger in the brain and gradually ferment. This emotional stimulus will pass through the hypothalamus and then reach the pituitary gland, making people lustful and eager for sex. At this time, male The penis will be erect and congested, and you need to find a channel or method to vent.

If a man abstains from sex for a long time, does not look at beautiful women, is not close to eroticism, and does not want to have sex, then the smooth muscle of the penis may gradually degenerate, and it will also adversely affect the congestive function of the corpus cavernosum, and even cause the body to have a “strangeness” to sexual elements. , and eventually make the penis lose the opportunity to “exercise”, make the motor nerves dull, lead to the gradual deterioration of sexual function, and even cause frigidity in severe cases.

2. Abstinence for too long is harmful to reproductive health

If a man’s penis has a strong erection and the sense of fullness has been “exploded”, but the man is holding back and does not express it, it is very easy to cause local edema or congestion, whether it is for the prostate or the seminal vesicle. Unfavorable, serious and even endanger reproductive health and induce diseases.

3, abstinence for too long, the mind will be suffocated

Men’s abstinence for too long, in addition to causing adverse physiological effects, is also prone to psychological problems, which will bring certain pressure to people’s psychology, making people feel aggrieved. In addition, if a man’s partner is always reluctant to “give”, then the man may mistakenly think that his partner does not love him, and this misunderstanding is an invisible harm to the relationship itself.

All in all, having sexual desire is a natural physiological phenomenon of human beings. As a normal person, you don’t need to suppress your nature too much. If you have boyfriends and girlfriends, or are married, you can do things you love and do normal emotional catharsis; but if you are a single young man or woman, you can also vent your emotions through masturbation when your sexual desire is high and intolerable. Otherwise, if you always hide and hold back, you will easily get sick.

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