About ,Sex, Death, Art, Music and A Lot Of Alcohol —Part 2

MONA’s exhibits revolve around sex and death, and while the widespread use of phosphors in sex shops delivers some grotesque rubbish, it has to be admitted that whatever we think of sex shops, they are One of the only spaces in popular culture that overtly promotes sexual pleasure and sexual exploration. These phenomena have long been under scrutiny by this hypocritical, cautiously polite society.

The HOT PINK chosen by MONA, on the verge of acceptance by the general public, puts everyone in this experimental space of sexual arousal. Black’s understanding is more open. Not only represents death, but also can be understood as the cover of darkness.

In short, the meaning that HOT PINK ON BLACK wants to convey is quite a mystery that can only be understood and inexpressible, like sex and death.

Of course, I was not surprised to see that MONA held a MONA FOMAs (Festivals of Music and Art) two years before the opening. This is what MONA can and must do.

Nick Cave actually also participated, envious.
In fact, in 2008, someone asked David to discuss the project of sponsoring a music festival in the name of MONA, but there was no electronic music in this project, and David was a fan of electronic music. We want to realize our own ideas , not sponsor other people’s. So David advertised that if any festival project included electronic music and other forms of contemporary art and culture, MONA would be a key partner. Together with music they curate contemporary art – a festival of music and art.

In January 2009, the first MONA FOMA was held in a low profile at Hobart’s most famous Salamanca market. Although low-key, it still uses humor and debate to send out some messages about the transformative, intellectual and political nature of music and art. This is the root of MONA and MONA FOMA.

“We don’t want to be ordered to be a normal museum, we have to have our own ideas, and all of this that David thinks is valuable doesn’t necessarily have to be in line with the government’s values.”

The first time of MONA FOMA was impressive and well received. It is not so much that MONA created a festival, it was MONA that let everyone come together to create their own festival. Anyone who participates in this carnival can find a common purpose and emotion in the event. They are not outsiders, audiences, and consumers.

I have to say that MONA is great, but MONA’s PR activities are even better. They smashed all the meanings and words they wanted to say, scattered them in the air, inhaled into their lungs by everyone, and engraved them in their hearts.


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