Abolish “foreplay” and promote a new view of sex

With the continuous development of society and the improvement of women’s status, the ideal sex script should also be changed——

It used to be version 1.0 that completely ignored the feelings of women: without any preheating, it went directly to the thrusting link – in this case, the underside of women was torn due to improper operation, which was often regarded as a proud “falling red” by men. ”, sad and helpless.

Later, it was slightly improved and became version 2.0: there is so-called foreplay, but the integration is the highlight.

If the first two are from the perspective of men and meet the needs of men as the core, then I hope to have a more novel, 3.0 version of the sex mode, which fully takes into account the feelings of women: foreplay is the play itself, Do not take into account the mood.

That’s right, not every sex has to be in the body, and it doesn’t have to wait for the man to ejaculate to end.

You have the right to redefine and reshape the form of sex to better suit your own needs, entirely based on your own preferences.

Of course, I’m sure many people will have doubts:

Sex without ramming, is it still sex?

I’m content with just kissing and hugging, but can my boyfriend/husband/girlfriend agree?

Boys are hard but don’t ejaculate, will it be bad for the body?

In fact, communication in this area is quite difficult, but I hope to provide you with some ideas for solving the problem.

What if the man doesn’t cooperate?
First of all, there is no problem that men will damage their bodies because of this, otherwise how did they get here when they were single?

What’s more, in love and marriage, there are a lot of women who haven’t orgasmed, how come no one has greeted their sex life?

In the final analysis, it is still the male-centered ideology that dominates. Let us regard the complete release of men as the result that must be fulfilled in a sexual encounter. Men justifiably ask girls to cooperate with them to achieve this result, and girls feel that they are obliged to do so.

What should you do if a man’s attitude toward you drops to a freezing point because you are unwilling to cooperate with him, and cold violence, breakup threats, etc. come? In this case, even if you compromise temporarily in order to save your relationship, other problems will arise one after another.

For example, I have a girl friend who once complained that she had to use her mouth to serve her boyfriend even during the menstrual period with dysmenorrhea. Later, as expected, her boyfriend cheated, and after being found out, he directly proposed to break up. She struggled to recover, but Lang’s heart was like iron, and all her efforts were finally in vain.

In fact, “sex” is very accurate, the relationship harmony scale: a man who really likes you will want to feed you thoroughly and put your satisfaction as the highest priority; otherwise, he just wants to take himself away from you. happiness—almost without exception.

If a guy doesn’t give you enough “dinner” (the traditional view of “foreplay”), there are usually two diametrically opposed reasons – maybe he doesn’t care so much about your feelings, or maybe he cares too much about you It’s just using the wrong method: he is afraid that if the “foreplay” is done for too long, the penis will not be hard, and the inability to satisfy you with penis will make him feel frustrated and uneasy.

Some boys even leave the bed in a huff because they can’t stand up, but from a female perspective, it doesn’t really matter at all! You can kiss me, hug me, and touch me, the only thing you don’t need to do is break the jar and let go – otherwise, how do you manage to linger in bed for four hours without a lesbian even having a penis? , high satisfaction?

This shows that men are also burdened by traditional notions of sex.

So you can tell him: You don’t have to be hard to the end, and you don’t have to come! Because the state of Tintin is not linked to your sexual ability. In this way, he can also enjoy your intimacy with less psychological burden, without having to take responsibility for having to lead the whole process and then reach a certain result.

Men’s sense of responsibility and women’s sense of duty are the biggest enemies that hinder us from enjoying intimacy!

Only by forgetting the concept of “real drama” and playing “foreplay” as “play” can we remove the shackles given by society and enjoy this surprise that should be full of randomness together, which cannot be divided by “should” and “” shouldn’t” frame the happy things on earth.

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