A year after the breakup, we had sex again

At first, I always refused to see him.

Because I know that once I see him, I will fall.

Then, it is an infinite repetition of the same mistakes.

However, when he waited outside the door several nights in a row, I couldn’t bear it and opened the door.

Because the winter in this place is too cold, I feel distressed.

Broke up for nearly a year. When he entered the door, it was the same as before.

Skillfully open the shoe cabinet and change shoes.

I sat on the couch and turned on the computer.

He took the cup and poured me a cup of hot water.

Then, went to the drawer and got the tools to help me fix the water dispenser.

Look how sweet he is!

Before, I just casually said in the circle of friends that the water dispenser was broken.

He had been on his mind.

I had no intention of working, and all I saw was him going back and forth in the living room.

Tears suddenly stopped.

He saw it and said “don’t cry”.

I turned off the computer, washed up, and sat on the bed.

same as before.

Open the game and score with the “little brother” inside.

God knows how much I regret seeing him.

However, everyone has already entered the door, and I can’t drive away.

No suspense, we went to bed.

He still smells so special.

He is still as gentle as ever.

Foreplay, entry, process, end…

Every step is what most girls want. I am no exception.

I’m obsessed with the way he treats me, and I’m obsessed with how he takes care of me during sex.

Almost every time, I have an orgasm.

And he, every time I am satisfied, it will end.

So, such a man. How not to be obsessed?

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