A guide to ‘outdoor sex’ for couples

Please pay attention to the female satyr who sees the title with shining eyes, this is the ultra-detailed and ultra-detailed field guide that you can’t find anywhere, don’t miss it! Field combat is a technical job, and we must be fully prepared so that we can enjoy ourselves without causing embarrassing events that we will remember for a lifetime. Therefore, we must examine and study in advance so that we can tailor-made products according to our own characteristics. The best field strategy for you!

Point 1 The real outdoors!

Suitable time: sunny nights

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If there is a chance, everyone should try the purest field battle in their life, truly using the sky as the bed and the earth as the bed. In addition to the happiness of the body, the infinitely extended space will definitely bring you a new spiritual feeling.

Virtual scene: The ideal is of course to bring a tent and a sleeping bag, hike to the green mountains and green waters that are inaccessible, observe and confirm that there is no one around to start a war, and if you are brave enough, you can even set up a lineup in broad daylight, believe me, this is definitely the way to go. A totally different feeling from the night! If the conditions are limited, the early morning hours of the group travel of ALICE and the hidden trees in the park can be an alternative.

Note: Remember to bring a bed sheet or sleeping bag under your body, unless you feel that it is also a great experience to be in contact with the soil. There are also mosquito repellent potions, and it is very disappointing to be troubled by such trifles all the time.

Suitable Posture: Any Posture!

Suitable for the crowd: any crowd!

If found…

In fact, as long as you find a good enough place, the chances of being found are very small. If someone approaches at night in the wild, the best way to deal with it is to hide and stay still. Most of them are not aimed at you. If it’s daytime… Thirty-six strategies are the best strategy. You are dark and he is bright. How can you let him get close enough to find out that you are doing bad things?

Point2 shopping mall public fitting room/nightclub toilet/home closet

Suitable time: any time

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The feeling of being separated from a stranger by only a layer of baffle is very exciting. The confined space allows two people to stick to each other as closely as possible, and the secretion of adrenaline is at least doubled! The only downside is that, except for the last location, you have to fight fast for the first two.

Virtual scene: These three places are also small spaces, and the security increases from front to back. Pick a time when no one is paying attention and jump in, and you will avoid foreplay. It will be very pornographic and violent without stimulation. Be mentally prepared for someone to knock on the door, and play is heartbeat!

Matters needing attention: skirts are definitely recommended clothing, and the benefits need not be said. Control your voice! Don’t attract unnecessary attention. If you are in a fitting room, remember to check how high the gap below is from the ground before entering. Don’t consider the fitting room provided by the counter, which is really an impossible task.

Suitable posture: standing opposite, front entry or rear entry

Suitable for the crowd: You, especially men, must have a hard enough psychological quality!

If found…

If it has attracted attention, stop immediately, wait for a while, the woman hides behind the door, the man goes out first, and if no one is there, run away quickly, and the woman comes out later; if there is someone waiting outside, hurry back and pretend to have forgotten something. If you really can’t escape, just call your best friend to save the scene, pretend that one person is in a coma to create chaos, and others won’t notice whether the other person is already there or has been hiding inside…

Point3 office building top stairs

Suitable time: After get off work is the best, and working hours are also acceptable

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐

It’s really not a comfortable place, the only reason for being selected is that it’s really convenient and safer than a place like a fitting room.

Virtual scene: Think about it, others are just Tea Break, you enjoy Sex Break, you have a sense of superiority! In the dark stairwell, one moment is still in an OL-like manner with clients and colleagues, and the next moment enjoys secret happiness, this kind of thing does not only exist in Japanese erotica!

Matters needing attention: Take it off as little as you can, and some things are more enjoyable across the clothes~ The sound control can be a little looser than the fitting room in the mall, but don’t go too far, it is also a public place anyway!

Suitable postures: oral sex, standing, sitting female upper position

Suitable for the crowd: couples in the same office building

If found…

It stands to reason that in the narrow and quiet stairwell, you can hear the footsteps on the first floor at most. If your ear is good enough, you should find the enemy on several floors. Don’t hesitate, the two start talking loudly, preferably quarreling, and the parents are arguing about short things, and at the same time organize their clothes. Trust me, when you hear someone else arguing about chores, no one will continue to approach.

Point4 Cinema

Suitable time: non-weekend morning

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In a dark cinema, the illusion of being in the crowd but not being discovered, coupled with the sound and light effects of the super large screen, the reason that prevents it from getting five stars is that there are too many restrictions on posture.

The scene is virtual: there are few people in the screening hall before 10 o’clock, if you are lucky, there are even two people! Pick a movie you like, preferably with erotic scenes. Of course, students with alternative hobbies can also choose Avatar or Chibi, etc. There must be a different taste in doing things in the battle of the army. This feeling is much better than the DVD or computer at home, right?

Precautions: The environment of the movie theater is such that you hardly need any precautions, if you have to say yes, then choose the two seats farthest from everyone else!

Suitable posture: The only regret, the seat restrictions make it only suitable for KJ, or female to male, all he can do for you, that is, kissing and stroking.

Suitable for the crowd: any crowd

If found…

You are unlucky enough to be found in the movie theater. Girls might as well fall into the arms of boys and pretend that nothing happened, anyway, others can’t see how neat your clothes are. Put your attention back on the screen for a while, the annoying person can turn away and continue.

Point5 car shock! Car shock!

Suitable time: Night with dark moon and high wind… Just kidding, night is fine

Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐

Whether it is in movies or in reality, Chezhen has a very high popularity, probably because it is convenient and economical. Actually this place lacks comfort and excitement, which is a bit disappointing compared to its reputation, but then again, our expectations were too high.

Virtual scene: In the middle of the night, a car was parked beside a remote side street. He opened the front door, got out of the car, and got in the car from the back door… Just imagine the rest!

Matters needing attention: The choice of parking place is very important, too lively for fear of voyeurism, too remote for fear of robbery. You must remember to make sure that the car window is one-way light, and also make sure that the windshield is facing the corner of the wall or the shelter such as a bush. It is not a pleasant experience to stage a free porn for others to see. Remember to remember, do not park in a confined space like a garage and turn on the heating, it will suffocate due to lack of oxygen! !

Suitable postures: missionary, rear entry. Don’t try female top, your head isn’t that hard, really.

Suitable for the crowd: early adopters

If found…

The car shock is found to be the best thing to deal with. Turn on the lights in the car, and you can clean the battlefield calmly. Boys, please play your fitness skills, climb directly from the back seat to the front seat, turn on the fire and drive away, anyway, no one knows who you are Who’s giving the girls a ‘wild’ sex guide

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