A girl’s love

After reading this story, I can’t tell what kind of feeling it is. I just felt a sigh come from the bottom of my heart. In this life, what are people pursuing, and what is the best. Do you really have to wait until everything has been normalized before you can remember and accept this purest happiness? Now, let’s take a look at what kind of love a girl will have from the age of 5 to 30 years old!

When I was 5 years old, I liked a boy named Zaizai. He had two tiger teeth, and when he had two red oranges in his hand, he would give me the big one.

Now when I meet him again, he has a five-year-old girl by his side who is calling him Daddy…

When I was 13 years old, I had a crush on a boy named Akun in the next class. Akun looked like Miura Yu and his brother. In order to see him, I went to the toilet every day and insisted on it for two years.

We met again after 15 years. He was as fat as a pig and had become a father. He looked at me like a white swan. I finally knew how ugly I was back then.

At the age of 16, I feel that I really love someone. I fell in love with our biology teacher. He is thin and white, and there is always an inexplicable fragrance on his body. When he passes by me, I always sniff greedily. Smell on his white shirt.

He asked me a question, and I was nervous and tongue-tied. He always looked at him very affectionately. He said: You will be dumbfounded if you don’t get into university, but I was dumbfounded when I got into university. He got married, and I lost my love.

At the age of 19, I started my first love in life. In my freshman year, a boy occupied a library seat for me every day and even bought me xiaolongbao to eat. In addition, he also gave me discounted roses on Valentine’s Day, and I was sitting in the Mood for Love in front of his bicycle with white clothes fluttering.

As a result, we went our separate ways after graduating from college. The romance in college was often a “dream of Huangliang and Liangliang”, and not many could be “successful”. After thinking about it, the most unforgettable thing was the xiaolongbao he sent for his evening self-study.

At the age of 23, I became smart and affectionate. I wanted to find a “four newcomers”, that is, with style, money, cars and houses, or simply like Li Zekai, but such people were not prepared for me, so I lowered my requirements and wanted to marry a “little rich man”.

Later, after reading too many stories of rich people taking care of themselves, I was forced to lower my standards. If you don’t have money, you can be tall and handsome, at least look good. I have dated a few men like this, and as a result, those who are uglier than me are dumped by me, and those who are better-looking than me are dumped. Both men and women are “women”.

At the age of 25, I finally set foot on my heart and wanted to find a man who knew both the cold and the hot. After all, most ordinary people were “chaimi couples”, but it was difficult. I met a man who seemed to have a grudge against money. He was always afraid of the devaluation of the renminbi overnight and couldn’t wait to spend the money. Can I marry such a man? Of course not.

The second man I met was so stingy that it made me look at him. I guess their ancestors were all accountants. I’m afraid that if I marry him, it will take ten years to wear a pair of underwear, so it’s still a flash.

At the age of 27, my ideal boyfriend conditions have been lowering the standard, but I still “stand alone in an empty boudoir”. My mother said that I am too picky, and I said that I am pursuing perfection, which is different from being picky.

At the age of 30, my marriage conditions were as simple as when I was 5 years old. I hope to have a boy like Zaizai, if he has two red oranges in his hand, he will give me the big one, if I like it, he will give me all, if I think it is too troublesome to peel, he will peel it for me , if I think it’s too much trouble, he squeezes them into juice. This kind of man has the heart of an “ordinary lover”, and that’s enough. If you get this gentleman, what more can you ask for!

Life is like this, after so many journeys, just draw a circle in place, the person who can stay with you for a lifetime does not necessarily have a vigorous love with you, only that kind of plain love is the most true, and also the longest…

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