9 tips to make your night more romantic

Whether your sex life has become dull, daily intercourse is like a routine without any passion at all. How to get your sex life back to the original stimulation?

1. The appeal of sound

Women during the day are smart and beautiful, but women at night must put them away. Let yourself be silly, so that you can soar in heaven. Generally speaking, language communication is relatively clear, and it is not easy to cause misunderstandings.

But because it is more direct, sometimes it will inevitably “destroy the atmosphere”. Therefore, if you are in love, you can communicate in a “non-verbal” way. For example: if you want him to move lightly, touch his cheek; if you want to slow down, just push his arm…

2. Let the painting add color to the body

Now that performance art has entered the home life of the streets and alleys, we might as well let it join your bed life. If your nightlife has tended to be stylized, you might as well use this trick to “take it”.

Just imagine, you used an afternoon of love and tenderness to draw a beautiful pastoral style, then what kind of passion and emotion will he feel when he lifts up your shirt at night. You may wish to apply Durex Love Induction Lubricant on your body before sex to make sex more silky.

3. Attractive grape "bullet"

The summer fruits are so fresh, why not let it decorate the “battlefield”? If your he is lying on the bed tenderly and receiving caress, you can sneak away while he is intoxicated, and then take yours out of the refrigerator The grape “bullet” smashed at him playfully. It was a hot kiss just now, but it turned into a cold “pain” in a while. It’s strange that he didn’t laugh and yell to catch you, the little “real murderer”!

4. Make the lip print "gentle" to the end

Lip reading is always a classic that women can’t express, and any man will be moved by it. Draw your lips carefully, and then place a tissue paper full of your lip prints on the side of your loving pillow. I believe that the vivid and charming red lip prints can instantly warm up his body.

5. A little soft light to pursue love

If the light at night is still the same as before, you might as well change to a weak soft light tonight, it can be pink or light blue. And you stood in the soft light, and let him look at your body carefully. In the dim light, your body was covered with a long-lost mystery. And he also ignited the desire to explore again.

6. "Cold" lips

Don’t worry about catching a cold, you can eat cold drinks and drink ice water to your heart’s content, and your lips will be cold in an instant. If you want to “revenge” him at this time, you can use your icy lips to “attack” recklessly. The coldness of the skin and the desire in the body cannot be combined at all. What will instantly repay you is, of course, his body language full of strength and warmth.

7. Happy Ice Wine

Red wine is the best carrier to interpret sex. Let red wine fuel your honey-colored life tonight. Drizzle the red wine drop by drop on his back, massage it gently with your fingers, and kiss it affectionately with your lips. Although the coordinates of the lips are small, the shock it brought to him was extremely violent.

8. "Win-win" love requires communication

Men don’t like cold, dry, passively accepting women in bed, they want to hear some sensual, playful and vital words. Maybe some women on the bed will feel with their hearts, hint with their eyes, and will take the initiative to turn off the lights… But if they forget, they can also lightly open their lips and boldly express their feelings and praise to their husbands.

This is an important part of getting perfect sex. Sexual and psychological interaction is also an essential part of the exchange of emotions between the two parties. Boldly express your feelings, and let him who loves you walk freely in the peak of his eagerness.

9. Be kind to your "Frog Prince"

After completing the “content” on the bed, many men can’t wait to roll over and fall asleep or jump out of bed to leave for a while. A woman with resentment in her heart gave the men the nickname “Frog Prince”. In fact, smart women don’t need to be angry about it, it is because of men’s physiological adjustment. If you still caress him when he is exhausted, brush his fatigue with your fingers, put your face close to his chest to feel his heartbeat, and spread your long hair gently on his body, the two of you will feel the warmth together, I believe What awaits him must be a redoubled love for you and another burst of passion.

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