8 ways to have a romantic Christmas.

How was Christmas? Christmas is one of the most romantic festivals of the year. Have you figured out how to spend time with your beloved TA? Different forms of celebration have different fun and memories. How to spend a Valentine’s Day just for you?

How can Christmas be romantic?

1. Go to the flower shop to make an appointment, please wait at the place where you and him or her are dating at 7:00 pm.

2. Buy a restaurant and pay the bill in advance. During the chat, the lights suddenly dimmed, and the waiter introduced a birthday cake and sang a happy birthday song.

3. Walking in the light rain without an umbrella, nodding and smiling to the person hiding from the rain while walking.

4. Memorize the astrology, ask him (her) to a high-rise restaurant, point him or her to the other party’s constellation, and then look at the starry sky to imagine, of course, it is also okay to not memorize it, just point to a beautiful star, Make up another exciting story.

5. If you are going to court the other party, you can say this: “I heard that there is a way of courting is to draw a heart in the palm of your hand, and if the other party agrees, also draw a heart.” Draw a red pen and put the red pen aside.

6. Prepare a wide cloth strip in advance and write on it. When you were having a good chat with her in the cafe, you suddenly fell silent, took out a cloth strip from your pocket and shook it, which could say “It’s a pleasure to be with you!”

7. Turn off the watch when dating him (her), look at the watch when parting, and say, “With you, my time stops, I really hope it’s still 7 o’clock”.

8.Use long matchsticks to stick one by one vertically on the cake to spell out each other’s name, and flash from the beginning to the end.

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