8 Ways to Extend Your Love Period

Modern science has proved that the period of passionate love has a time limit. After this time limit, we may become more eager for each other, and the relationship between men and women will enter a stable period, and we may feel tired of each other. How to prolong the love period and keep each other fresh?

The moment a man and a woman meet, they are electrocuted, which can be said to be a combination of magnetic fields. As a result, it will trigger the brain to secrete a substance that makes your heart beat faster, and the person standing in front of you is your dream lover. This is love at first sight. Then fall in love, is a matter of course. During the period of love, each other will feel that each other is very good, there is no flaw, part of the reason is also caused by physiological factors. Substances secreted by the brain continue to function, however, this substance does not exist in our body for a long time, after a certain period of time, it will disappear automatically. At that time, the hot mind during the period of love will return to normal rationality, and we will look at the person in front of us with normal eyes.

Foreign studies have pointed out that the duration of the passionate love period is usually 6 to 24 months. The reason for the “hot love period” effect is that the neurotransmitter phenethylamine (PEA) in the brain is driven, coupled with the effects of dopamine and norepinephrine. , so that the two people who have just fallen in love have a sweet feeling of unwillingness to separate. And this chemical hormone secretion can make people feel happy, energetic, and have constant passion from physical to psychological.

The love period is over, and the result is the same, we will more or less discover the flaws and inappropriate places in each other. this is normal. Because we are always two different individuals, in different family environments, have different life experiences, and form different values. The question is whether the two people’s feelings are strong enough to give each other the confidence to overcome these difficulties and seek common ground while reserving differences, so that they will walk a longer life together hand in hand.

But the end of the love period does not necessarily mean a bad thing. As mentioned in the previous analysis, overcoming each other’s differences is the premise for the two to join hands, but this requires enough affection. There are many ways to warm up and deepen the relationship. Sometimes we want to continue the warm feelings with each other. If you are facing the problem that the love period is about to end, or you want to start working hard to continue the warm relationship between the two, you might as well Try these 8 methods!

stay curious

Every day is a new challenge, and of course your significant other is too. Try to find different types of him, at work, at play, with friends, with you, and when he’s doing all the leisure activities he loves, each in a different way. There will be different faces in occasions and behaviors, and the same is true for you. In addition to discovering each other’s faces, you should also let the other party know that you are not just you, everyone is changeable, and it is because of these changes that create Unique yourself!

Make life colorful

A fixed life can kill a person’s enthusiasm, and a rigid and boring life can also weaken the spark and passion between two people. Don’t just go to the same restaurant for dinner, don’t just go to the same place for a date (or even just stay at home), find more suitable places for couples to date to arrange a trip for the two (or ask him to help arrange it in a coquettish way different excursions). If the two people’s usual life is too busy to arrange the itinerary often, then start with three meals! Arranging an occasional breakfast or lunch date can be a great addition to a busy life!

change at any time

When falling in love, the relationship between two people will be different with the progress of each day. The best way to face a relationship is not only to do your best, but also to go with the flow. Accept and face every change calmly, and face and respond to the changes brought about by feelings at any time. Remember, don’t lose yourself no matter what.

hide evil and promote good

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. After a long time together, those attractive advantages may gradually lose their attractiveness in each other’s eyes, or even take them for granted. At the same time, we may be more focused on each other’s shortcomings, which leads to alienation and disputes between the two. Hey, think about why you fell in love with him in the first place! This is not to tell you to completely ignore his shortcomings. The shortcomings can be improved together, but don’t ignore each other’s advantages!

Remember to be intimate

Scientists have confirmed that hugs can reduce people’s anxiety and increase our happiness index. Physical contact not only brings warmth to the body, but it can also soothe disturbed emotions. If the two are not in a long-distance relationship, holding hands, hugging and kissing is the most direct way to maintain the relationship!

keep a little mystery

Honesty is relatively the foundation of trust. However, this does not mean that everything has to be confessed in front of him. For example, I want to surprise him with a look. Sometimes, maintaining a little mystery about yourself can help keep his attention on you.

Arm yourself with knowledge

A woman with an empty head will not interest a man, unless the man only covets your appearance or just wants to find a nanny-like woman.

Appearance is very important to a woman, but unfortunately, appearance is given by God and cannot be controlled by us. In contrast, we can fill our inner being with knowledge. A woman with a scholarly quality will exude a unique charm in her gestures, which is a height that cannot be achieved by a beautiful woman with an empty head.

For the focus of books and information, you can choose what is socially relevant, what he is interested in, what he or his work needs, and so on. In this way, we can not only ensure that we are not out of touch with the society, but also have a common topic with him, and can also add value to ourselves.

Avoid asking silly questions

“If your mother and I fell into the river, who would you save first?” This question is very silly and ancient, but there are still women asking, probably because women really want to determine their place in their lover’s heart. Similar questions are asked after marriage, “You said, do you want me or your mother”, “If you don’t agree to me, we will divorce.”

Have you ever thought about what if, if you ask for separation or divorce, he finally agrees? Even a small sound is enough for you to feel like the sky is falling apart, right? Don’t let yourself fall into such a passive situation, first of all, don’t make such stupid tricks.

The relationship between the sexes has always been incomprehensible. But no matter what, as long as you love him enough and love him the way he wants to, both of you can be sweet.

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