8 little secrets about condoms

Regarding the use of condoms, you may be a veteran in love, or you may be a novice.

No matter which kind you are, you can discover some new knowledge, let’s take a look together.

① Are condoms safe?

No 100% guarantee.

Condoms are the safest and most effective form of contraception, with a contraceptive rate of 99%, but there are also unexpected situations.

For example, wearing a needle-pierced condom, or an expired or damaged condom may cause contraceptive failure.

Although condoms are not 100% contraceptive, they are much healthier and safer than those methods of ejaculation, rhythm calculation, and even taking birth control pills.

②Are condoms just for contraception?

Not at all.

Contraception is one of the main functions of condoms, but not the only one.

Condoms also protect against most sexually transmitted infections, as well as inflammation of the private parts, especially for women. Even if two people who do not have STDs have sex, wearing a condom can greatly reduce the incidence of private disease.

③What matters should be paid attention to when using condoms?

Look at the production date and shelf life (condoms will also expire)

Choose the right size, if it is too small, it will be frustrating, and if the size is too large, it will fall off easily.

Check the packaging for damage.

When wearing it, pinch the front seminal vesicle, which is a small raised bump, to drain the air inside to avoid condom rupture during sexual activity.

Also, don’t wear it backwards, it will be as uncomfortable as wearing the wrong clothes.

④When is the best time to wear a condom?

It is best to wear it from the beginning to the end of the sexual activity. Generally, you can wear the condom after the penis has an erection.

Various seniors who have unplanned pregnancies have proved that wearing them in the middle of the process, or starting to rub them in, may lead to unintended pregnancy and the situation of being a father.

⑤Is it more enjoyable not to wear a condom?

These are all irresponsible scumbags, used to deceive girls.

The real pleasure depends on skills, not a layer of condoms.

The condom can also reduce the stimulation to the glans and increase the time of sex.

⑥Wearing two condoms can delay the time of sex?

In theory, two layers of condoms can reduce the sensitivity of the penis and achieve the purpose of delaying.

However, wearing two layers of condoms can easily cause condom wear and tear during sex, making contraception fail.

Moreover, using this way, the condoms are used quickly, and there is no second “condom” half price.

⑦Can I still use lubricating fluid while wearing a condom?

Yes! Choose a water-soluble lubricant.

Fat-soluble lubricants may chemically react with the rubber, causing damage to the condom and no contraceptive effect.

A reminder, buy special lubricants, don’t use shower gels, and use moisturizers as lubricants, which will not work.

⑧ Is it safer to carry a condom with you?

It’s not safe at all.

Some people put condoms in their wallets and carry them around in their pockets

However, this will cause the condom storage environment temperature to be too high, which affects the effectiveness of the condom, and is more prone to contraceptive failure.
So save condoms, preferably in a cool and ventilated place.

Of course, it is better to be closer to the bed.

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