5 Reasons Why Women Have One Night Stands

Reason 1: Healing

Women are perceptive animals. When they are indeed injured, they choose an incorrect healing method, which may lead to more injuries. They have scars that cannot be healed in their hearts, so they frequently seek one-night stands in an attempt to heal them.

The most common is: when their first love ends because of the abandonment of a man, their hearts will definitely be greatly hurt, they no longer believe in love, they begin to deliberately indulge themselves, and use one-night stands to fill their hurt hearts . And because of disappointment in love and hatred for indulgence, this kind of complex feelings will lead to psychologically thinking that she is a bad girl and indulge herself more, so she frequently finds one night stands.

Reason 2: Loneliness

Lonely hearts often need to be comforted. What’s more, women themselves are relatively fragile. When they are alone in the long night, without anyone to accompany them, they will go crazy. So the one-night stand became their only consolation. Many women will choose to go to These women are looking for one-night stands, not for sex, but just to find someone to rely on and keep each other warm. They were introduced to the men who had bought the Diamond Palace, and they spent the night flirting and flirting with them online.

One night stand is a kind of filling for the yearning for warmth and the fear of loneliness. Such women are generally open-minded, advanced-minded, and full of desire for romantic feelings. It’s a pity that the men who have one-night stands don’t have such feelings. Even if they say sweet words, it is to get sex, that’s all.

Reason Three: Satisfying Sexual Desires

In fact, women, like men, have physical needs for sex. When sexual desire is not satisfied for a long time, they may also relieve their thirst for sex through one-night stands. These women are often divorced or their husbands are not around for a long time. Because of the trials and hardships of their sexual life, they are also more bold and open, and have avant-garde concepts. Sexual desires tend to be more direct expressions. For example, female users on the Internet are mostly this type of women. They chat and laugh with men on the Internet freely and freely. Adult men and women are always prone to ambiguity when they are in contact with each other for a long time, so offline sexual relations begin.

Reason 4: Curious about sex

Now that the Internet is so developed, a lot of sexual knowledge tempts women’s hearts, and they are also very curious about sex, and women can’t stand men’s rhetoric. On the Internet, if there are some men who seduce women, they can easily fall into the trap of men and have a one-night stand with them, and then they will regret it.

Reason 5: Temporary anger

A moment of anger makes a woman look for a one-night stand? Such a woman does exist. Some girls are more lively and irritable. After quarreling with their boyfriends, they deliberately use one-night stands to punish them. Originally just wanted to vent, deliberately angry with my boyfriend. Find comfort in another man, find that loss. But after they had a one-night stand and their mood recovered, they regretted what they had done. Often many young girls become young women in such a moment of anger. Quote: Men often regret not having sex with a woman; women regret having sex with a man.

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