3 young girls’ first night plans

And the notion of chastity in women is like a shadow that floats around us all the time. Not only in our country, but it seems to be the case all over the world. The movie “Escorting Parents” that I will introduce to you today tells the story of three parents who tried their best to block their daughters’ first night plans.

The movie begins when three best friends, Julie, Kayla, and Sam, decide to have their first sexual experience at their high school graduation party. Julie first announced the decision. She received basic sex education from the school doctor and knew the importance of contraception. After thoughtful consideration, she decided to leave unforgettable memories with her boyfriend Austin on the graduation party.

Although Julie carefully considered this decision in the future, Kayla and Sam participated in this agreement entirely on a whim, purely to “compliment” the sisters. Children at the adult node are still very ignorant about sex, and they are easy to be induced and coaxed.

Because “good friends did it”, it is not uncommon to follow the trend of “I will do it too”.

Kyra’s father, Mitchell, is a typical conservative father. He preconceived the sexy lace thong as his wife’s clothes, and was furious when he learned that it was Kyra’s panties, saying that it was “a slut”. underwear”.

Clearly, the slut charge that defines a girl by how she dresses is one-sided and mean.

Girls’ “freedom to dress” is still a hot topic of discussion, but it seems more necessary to let everyone understand respect for others and pay attention to boundaries than to evaluate and restrict how girls dress.

At this time, mother Marcy calmly told her husband that it was time to let go. Kayla was already a big girl, she had her own choices and orientations, and even her parents could not interfere with it.

Due to the existence of the “concept of chastity”, women are always placed in a passive position. Parents generally believe that boys should not be afraid, because they are the ones who “take advantage”; but girls should be extra careful, because it is always them who “suffer and regret”.

As far as physical health is concerned, “women suffer more” does have some truth. Because if safety measures are not in place and lead to unintended pregnancy or infection, girls always have to pay a higher price. Factors such as being too young for first sex, having too many sexual partners, too many sexual partners, and not paying attention to cleanliness and hygiene during sex may cause women to be infected with pathogens such as HIV, HPV, and gonococcus, which may lead to Induce various diseases, even life-threatening in severe cases.

Therefore, it is obviously very important to properly take protective measures such as contraception during sex without a pregnancy plan.

At the same time, public opinion is also more harsh on women. Most social cultures require women to be “chaste”, but not men. For a long time, society has always emphasized men’s sexual desire, regarded “sex” as a man’s instinct, and even did not hesitate to use “animality” as an excuse for the mistakes made by some men. At the same time, he deliberately ignored women’s desires, praised women’s “pure chastity”, invented “chastity arches”, and tied women who had desires to the gallows. Even as a victim of a sexual assault, it is inevitable that they will be “secondarily hurt” by public opinion. “Slut humiliation” and “victim guilt theory” are rampant.

Due to such social reality and cultural context, parents are of course worried about their daughter’s growth. Mitchell (Kyla’s father) and Lisa (Jolie’s mother) glared at their daughter’s male friends and thwarted their “first night plan” out of this mentality.

Without sex education, we can easily fall into the trap of dualism, the black-and-white trap, when it comes to discussions about sex and pornography. Either you think sex is “good” or “bad”; you think you should “experience sex to the fullest” or firmly “oppose premarital sex.”

But is there a third way of thinking? We do not endorse conservatives, nor do we advocate avant-garde. As the first person responsible for your own body, you are also the subject of action. As long as you fully receive correct sex education and know how to protect yourself, you will naturally have the right to enjoy sex. But you have to take responsibility for your decisions, protect yourself, and love yourself.

Gender differences should not be synonymous with “active” and “passive”. As a parent, one should not keep a close eye on “sex”. Instead of instilling “the evils of sex” in children, it is better to teach them correct sexual knowledge, so that they have the right to choose and the ability to protect themselves.

Only by talking about sex and knowing about it can you really know how to face it and protect yourself from harm.

After many setbacks, the parents finally found their daughters.

When Mitchell found her daughter Kayla and tried to stop her from having sex, she found no one else in the room. At the last minute, Keira still felt that the sex was too sudden and sloppy, and she decided to date the guy first.

The sudden appearance of her father surprised and saddened her at the same time, because her father did not trust her own ability and judgment.

At this time, Mitchell was also very sad. He felt that he was not a good father. The father and daughter comforted each other and gained strength from each other.

On the other hand, Sam here realized her heart clearly during the transition of the prom. She likes girls, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t have sex with a man.

When she plucked up the courage to confess her sexuality to her father, Hunter was delighted that her daughter trusted him so much that she shared the “secret” with him first.

At the same time, he also expressed his guilt to his daughter that he was absent too much while Sam was growing up.

Lisa, who opposed the most fierce, hid under the bed and watched her daughter Julie and her boyfriend push the door in. Rose petals, scented candles, romantic music, couples embracing each other, everything is beautiful.

At that moment, she suddenly realized that Julie was serious, she had grown up and knew what she was doing, and she was not as “deceived” as she thought.

In the end, Lisa (Jolie’s mother) chose to silently exit the room, supporting her daughter’s decision and wishing her a good night.

At the end of the film, the three parents sit and drink together. In the “escort journey” of this chaotic engagement, they realized that when the children grew up, they should also let go, trust and respect the children’s choices.

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