23 Intimate Topics That Couples Must Talk About

On weekends, after dinner at home. Open a bottle of red wine, and then start chatting when you get a little drunk, and the effect is better.

1. Talk about your first impression of each other
2. Share interesting things and food that happened today
3. The feeling of hugging and kissing for the first time
4. Perceptions of long-distance relationships and cold violence
5. Describe the perfect date scene in your mind
6. What will make you sad when you fight
7. Prefer lively or quiet
8. How to calm down when you are angry
9. Who will you be the first to talk to when you have something on your mind?
10. Childhood scandals
11. Three strengths and weaknesses of the opponent
12. Which one is more important to face and body
13. The most touching thing you have ever done
14. The city you want to live in in the future
15. Is there a little secret that has been buried in my heart?
16. More believe in love at first sight or love over time
17. What is the opponent’s bottom line?
18. The division of labor after marriage is the female lead or the female lead
19. Prefer girls without makeup or makeup
20. What the other person is most afraid of
21. Do you think the details of a relationship are important?
22. Didn’t meet my ideal type before
23. What kind of dressing style do you prefer?

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