21 Bed Sex Secrets You Don’t Know

Core Tip: Most women love romance. British sex therapists say women are more ‘autonomous’ in bed than men. Experts conducted a 3-month follow-up survey on a group of women and found that 34% said they liked to imagine natural scenes such as beaches, blue sky, and white clouds when they were intimate with their boyfriends.

1. Candlelight and moonlight make women more beautiful

A new survey covering more than 6,000 women around the world shows that 37% of women are more pleasant to have sex in candlelight or moonlight, because the special wavelengths of candlelight and moonlight can make women’s skin look more delicate and rosy.

2. Men change positions just to please women

Not every man is keen to change various positions on the bed, in fact, they do it more to please women. From a physiological point of view, men are much less picky about body position than women. They can orgasm in almost any position, as long as there is no excessive muscle squeezing.

3. "Self-suggestion" makes women orgasm faster

Most women love romance. British sex therapists say women are more ‘autonomous’ in bed than men. Experts conducted a 3-month follow-up survey on a group of women and found that 34% said that when they were intimate with their boyfriends, if they imagined natural scenes such as the beach, blue sky, and white clouds, the orgasm would come faster.

4. The busier you are during the day, the more you have to release at night

British psychosexual researchers found that the leaner a woman was during the day, the more she needed to release stress at night. Because of being too tired to omit the “strong woman” who is intimate with her boyfriend, the psychological desire will gradually accumulate, leading to the collapse of the spiritual defense line. So no matter how busy you are at work, you should make time to spend a good night with your boyfriend.

5. Having sex in the car makes women feel more secure

According to the latest survey by the American Women’s Medical Research Center, 19% of women like to use the car as an intimate place. Because the car has a good airtightness, it is a mobile “bed”, which can bring a stronger sense of security than the bedroom. If you want a new twist, move the intimacy from the bedroom to the back seat of the car.

6. Don't part after sex

Love psychologists say that if lovers part during the day, they will feel that they have a future to look forward to, but if they choose to say goodbye at night, especially after sex, they will have the feeling of “permanent parting”. Therefore, even if it is a temporary separation, do not raise it in bed, otherwise both parties will be extremely depressed.

7. Men will be sexually excited when they meet red, and women will have sexual fantasies when they meet purple

Spanish medical experts say that men will be sexually excited when they see red, while women will feel physical fear when they see red because of menstruation. Intimacy in the purple atmosphere of the bedroom, a woman’s sexual arousal will be one and a half higher than usual. Because purple is similar to the color of human mucous membranes, it can make women have rich sexual fantasies.

8. In the morning and autumn, men desire sex most

Men are not always on call. Finnish medical experts say that a man’s sexual desire is directly proportional to the male hormone in the body. The amount of androgen secretion in the early morning is one and a half times that of noon, which is 16% higher than that in the evening; and every autumn is the most vigorous time of male hormone secretion in a year.

9. Men who fall asleep sooner after making out are healthier

Stop falling asleep quickly after making out for your boyfriend! French sexual medicine researchers said that men’s cerebral cortex and neuromuscular are in a high and short-lived excited state during orgasm, and then rapidly decline as the excitement dissipates, and the neurons turn into an inhibitory period, which is in urgent need of falling asleep. The faster the neuron suppression period comes, the stronger the man’s body repair ability. Therefore, the faster a man falls asleep after intimacy, the better his physical condition will be.

10. The faster a man's beard grows, the stronger his sexual needs

Men’s beards are also closely related to sexual performance. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, the faster a man’s beard grows, the better his metabolic function and the stronger his sexual needs. If you want to find out about your new boyfriend, observing how often he shaves is the most direct way.

11. Don't be too full or hungry before making out

According to researchers at the University of Manchester’s School of Health, the greater the feeling of satiety, the lower the sexual pleasure. Because the gut is full after eating, the blood supply to the brain and other organs is insufficient, and the neurons that provide the raw material for sexual pleasure cannot be fully excited.

But if you are hungry and intimacy with him, you will not be able to meet your needs due to lack of physical strength. So it’s wiser to eat a little dessert before going to bed!

12. Sex can cure insomnia

An American physiologist survey found that imperfect sex life is an important reason for insomnia. Because sex life can help you relieve the pressure on the cranial nerves, reduce the activity of neurons at night, and have an excellent sleep effect.

13. Drink cold drinks after making out to stimulate the stomach

Often feel thirsty after making out? Do not drink cold drinks at this time! You can drink some warm water. Korean medical experts say that when you have sex, your gastrointestinal blood vessels are always in a dilated state, and the gastrointestinal mucosa is congested. Drinking cold drinks at this time will stimulate the stomach wall, causing stomach cramps or stomach cramps.

14. Prolonged foreplay or massage can prevent mind wandering in bed

This situation is not unfamiliar: you are making out with him, and your mind suddenly drifts – the dishes in the kitchen haven’t been washed yet, yesterday the manager named you at the regular meeting to criticize your performance decline, and just found out that you have gained 1 kilogram…

The latest survey in the United States shows that 73% of women have had the experience of wandering, and some trivial things in life may affect your mood in bed. Extending foreplay, or giving each other a soothing massage before making out, can help you avoid bed-wandering.

15. Quality sex is 13 minutes

The latest research from the University of Pennsylvania shows that people’s expectations for long-term intimacy are actually wrong. A good sex life time is 13 minutes, more than 20 minutes will make people feel tired, and less than 5 minutes is too sloppy.

The first factor to ensure high-quality sex time is sleep. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you are prone to “sexual fatigue”. A patchwork of sleep schedules can also lower your sexual expectations, so instead of sleeping for 10 hours in three separate sessions a day, sleep seven hours at night.

16. The best sex temperature is 27 degrees

The weather is getting warmer, and you may like to turn on the indoor air conditioner, but research shows that the best sex environment temperature is 27 degrees. Having sex at low temperatures reduces blood circulation and makes nerves tense. If things go on like this, the body is prone to overreaction, such as physiological chills in hot weather.

17. Men crave sex more when they are unhappy

German psychologists say that men’s desire for sex is 20% higher than usual when they are unhappy, but most men are shy about the request. If your boyfriend is going through a low point in his life, you might as well ask for it once and give him a big surprise, he will definitely appreciate it!

18. Always eat a kind of food to help you but hinder your sex life

Don’t rush to eat a helping food! German medical experts have found that any food contains molecules that may cause allergies – antigens. After entering the human body, the antigens will stimulate the immune system and produce antibodies. If you eat one kind of food for a long time, the human body’s instinct will be covered up by antibodies, and the complex immune molecules will roll bigger and bigger like a snowball. If they stay in the body, they will block the microvessels, hinder the operation of blood and body fluids, and make you lose the spirit of sex. .

Moreover, a woman’s body has very low resistance to complex immune molecules, and delicate tissues such as breasts and vagina may even become red, swollen or inflamed. If you don’t have special needs, don’t deliberately eat some kind of supplementary food, and a varied diet is healthier.

19. Sex makes a woman's sense of smell stronger

French medical experts say that sex can prompt the brain’s rod cells to form more neurons in the olfactory center, enhancing women’s sense of smell. But rod cells are only activated when the cerebral cortex is excited, so routine sex doesn’t do anything to enhance the sense of smell.

20. Sex life helps women relieve pain

Sex life can increase the level of oxytocin in the human body, and promote the body to secrete a large number of polypeptides. If you have migraines or joint pains, stop taking painkillers and make out with your boyfriend, enough peptides can cut your pain in half.

21. Looking at a man's heart from condoms

Australian psychologists say that a man’s nature can be seen through condoms… If he always leaves air bubbles at the front of the condom, it means that he is not reliable, and he is a bit forward-looking; if he prefers the ultra-thin “small raincoat” made in Japan, it means that He is naturally emotional and brand-conscious, but has little self-control; if he always complains that the condom is too tight, he is probably arrogant and vain; It is very likely that he is too conceited for enjoyment; if he does not forget to wrap the used condom in a tissue after making out with you and take it with him, then don’t let him go easily! This shows that he has a strong sense of responsibility, knows how to respect women, and is the number one candidate for a good husband.

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