19CM insertion, what is the harm to girls

What everyone needs to know is that the long size does not mean that “work” is good, and is there any benefit to girls?

01 How deep is the size a girl can bear?

What is the usual “size” for girls?

Generally speaking, the length of the shade is about 6 to 12 cm, and the width can accommodate two fingers deep, but when it is “deep”, its capacity is also flexible. When excited, the depth of the shade will increase by about one-third, and the tolerance will also increase, so there is usually no “organ mismatch” phenomenon. And the vaginal induction area of ​​girls is only 3 to 5 cm from the front.

However, the length, width, and sensitive points of each girl’s vagina are different. Even if the “partner” meets these conditions, the depth of the “sensitive point” is completely different!

As the number of births and age increases, the length, width and sensitivity will also change, the width will also become 3 finger width, and can even go to the size of a fist! However, before the baby makes a sound, under normal conditions, the shade will expand to about 10 to 12cm “incredibly” to ensure that the baby’s head can pass through. Six weeks after giving birth, the shade will almost return to its pre-birth size.

02 Length and width determine size requirements?

Let’s take a look at the size of the boys. Most of the Asian yellow people are about 10 to 15cm in size and 3 to 4cm in diameter, while European and American Caucasians are about 12 to 18cm in diameter and 4 to 6cm in diameter.

The most “advantage” are African blacks, who are about 16 to 20 cm in size and 5 to 7 cm in diameter, and some can even reach more than 8 cm.

So it can be concluded that a girl’s vagina can accommodate almost any size “little brother” into it! But if the size of the “little brother” is too long, it will easily reach the top of the “little sister”, causing pain, and if the size is too long, the “first time” will also easily cause the problem of not being able to “go deep”!

However, according to research, girls think that the “ideal” and “perfect” size: the length is about 18 to 20 cm.

03 Do girls really like to go deep into the end?

And recent research shows such data: Among girls who have sexual experience, two-thirds of girls feel that the size of the “little brother” has nothing to do with how they feel and whether they can be “taunted”.

But a third of the girls also said they liked their “little brothers” with a longer “size”, and the deeper they went, the better they felt. Although the data is only for reference, what this data can tell us is that there are indeed some girls who feel that the deeper the degree of “deepness”, the better, but not all girls like “deepness”. What your significant other likes can only be known by asking!

What needs to be reminded for boys is that even if your object likes to “deep” (provided there is an object), don’t particularly mind your own “size”, because depth does not only depend on length, with the help of “posture” changes, a little Shorter can also achieve a more objective “deep” depth, so, do you all understand?

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