17 things to do between couples for stay in love?

1. Take a bath together and use a fragrant shower gel.

2. Occasionally go out to stay and create a different atmosphere.

3. In an elevator with only two people, kiss each other.

4. When you go to work, secretly order a cake or milk tea for your partner to let your partner know that you are thinking of him all the time.

5. Seeing that there are bean marks on his face, he secretly prepared acne medicine for her, and let him amaze everyone for two weeks.

6. Ask your partner to apply body lotion to yourself, the kind that is fragrant.

7. Take screenshots of all the love words your partner said, and print them as a book as a souvenir.

8. Have a long talk all night and say what you want to say but dare not say.

9. Watch a horror movie together under the quilt.

10. Go to the vegetable market together, not only to participate in the eating, drinking and entertainment of your partner, but also to have firewood, rice, oil and salt.

11. Secretly buy things that your partner has been reluctant to buy.

12. Two people celebrate their birthdays together, not parents and friends.

13. Wash your partner’s hair before blow-drying her

14. Going to hot springs together in winter can relieve the fatigue of the day

15. I shave you, and you put a mask on me

16. On a clear night, let’s blow the wind and count the stars together

17.Brush your teeth in front of the mirror together in the morning to welcome a new day together

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