12 constellations of female love secrets-Ⅱ

Love Secrets of Cancer Women

Sometimes I think she’s cute and understanding, and sometimes I’m angry at them for being sensitive and emotionally inexplicable.

If you are just a person who takes love as a game, please don’t provoke her. This is really cruel to a true Cancer woman. Cancer women are playing for real, and their feelings are not easily blasphemed. s things.

Few women will make you feel so important, she is very insecure, sensitive and easily hurt! But her emotionality is also likely to drive you almost crazy. Often your unintentional remarks will make her cry.

It is best not to criticize or tease your little crab woman, she is almost fragile and can’t stand the slightest criticism of her lover. She is always worried, worried that she is not good enough, worried that you don’t love her anymore, she needs constant confirmation from you.

The Cancer woman has a strange trait, if you don’t tell her “enough”, she will keep trying to see how far you can tolerate her. She seemed to have a hard time understanding what “enough” meant.

Some Cancer women have such problems in their marriages. In the end, of course, she regrets being too self-willed, but in her conscience, the husband who spoiled her should be somewhat responsible. How can you go outside to seek tender comfort after spoiling her?

She needs you to pamper her, and she pampers you relatively. To them, spoiling a man seems like the best way to possess him. Even if you leave her, when you think about it, you will still come back to her, because no one will love you like she does!

Usually she only spends money when she’s down (thinking you don’t love her) to soothe her uneasy feelings. For your wallet’s sake, it’s wise to give her “feelings of love” often.

Leo female love secrets

If you want to approach a Leo girl, you must show absolute respect for her, and don’t make friends with her with a smile, even if they are very easy-going and funny in front of familiar friends.

Her ears are very soft, and a few nice words may deceive her into confusion.

A Leo girl can’t stand a man who will give her orders. She likes you to pet her and follow her. Of course, you don’t have to worry, your gentle love will not make her an unreasonable female tyrant. While pampering her, please keep your dignity.

The proud lioness will insist that you place her first in your heart, never let her doubt that anyone is more important than her.

A Leo woman is extremely face-saving, so it’s best not to wink at other girls in front of her, or prepare for a big storm!

Straightforward, cheerful, and lacking in scheming, Leo girls are always easy to express their joys, sorrows and sorrows.

Spending money is a kind of enjoyment for a Leo girl, and poverty will make her feel depressed. However, most Leo women have good working ability. Reaching out all day is not her favorite life, even if she spends your money, You have to look like the most glorious one!

Virgo female love secrets

Many people have a traditional, pure and conservative impression of Virgo women. We need to correct this. Although Virgo women will not be the initiators of the women’s movement, they will never blindly accept some unreasonable arrangements. She has her own opinions and is very stubborn!

Of course, she respects love and marriage very much, and at the same time, she will do her best. If you’re going to ask her for advice, it’s best to prepare yourself first, as a Virgo woman can always pick out a bunch of faults when you think everything is perfect.

Don’t criticize a Virgo woman casually. They lack magnanimity in this regard. In any case, it is very difficult for her to bow her head and admit her mistake. In fact, she doesn’t admit it, but she understands it very well in her heart!

You should know that a Virgo woman is a perfectionist, and any requirements she makes of you are based on her standards! If you don’t always refute her, I believe she will like you more like this!

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