12 constellations of female love secrets-Ⅰ

Aries female love secrets

Aries women ruled by Mars are usually positive and strong. Aries women are the most independent women of the twelve zodiac signs. She is by no means the typical type who stays at home all day, waiting for you to pick her up and drop her off, completely lacking the ability to act independently.

Confident and proud Aries women have a strong ability to survive independently. But they all yearn deeply in their hearts for the Prince Charming of her dreams to appear soon!

For all Aries women, the biggest contradiction in their hearts is the subtle psychology of longing to conquer each other and expecting to be conquered by each other.

The vast majority of Aries women are very good and strong, and they insist on maintaining the most important position in each other’s heart; of course, she will also put you in the most important position in her heart.

She would rather listen to your heartbreaking confession than accept a beautiful lie.

The attitude of an Aries woman always with her arms turned inward and her muzzle turned outwards is very rewarding, but you must always remember that you are one, and a man who eats inside and outside can’t eat and walk around.

Taurus women love secrets

They are practical and know how to budget, and the Taurus woman will never be a profligate young lady.

Most of the time, she has a belly. However, if you do whatever you want because of this, and make mistakes easily, the consequences may be unimaginable! “Faithful” should be the first requirement of a Taurus woman for affection. Never betray her, this is the only death sentence in their law! She is not only very possessive in love, but also in friendship.

In reality, what she pursues is a real feeling. Taurus women, ruled by Venus, attach great importance to beauty.

Also, it’s best not to criticize her in front of outsiders, which can easily arouse her sullenness.

A Taurus woman doesn’t like being pushed around by others. For example, when you ask her about the result of something, she will rarely tell you the result directly. She will be accustomed to telling you the cause and effect of the incident slowly and slowly according to the steps. If you’re impatient, she’ll feel disrespected!

Finally, let me remind you again! “Saving money” is the housekeeping skill of the Taurus woman!

Gemini female love secrets

The Gemini woman is like a kaleidoscope, changing every now and then, you never seem to know her true shape. There are all kinds of men that she admires!

Gemini women are really interesting. She can accompany you to go up and down the sea like a little boy, and she can also chat with you in a serious manner.
It’s a pity that her attitude towards you is also changeable and elusive. It seems difficult for you to understand why the advantages that only fascinated her yesterday have become the disadvantages that she sneers at today.

Gemini women have a rich imagination, and in real life, love seems to be the best place for her to use her imagination. She can successfully play a different role in almost every love story.

Gemini women usually deal with their own emotions alone. At most, you will only feel that she is hot and cold. With a Gemini woman, the only way to avoid getting hurt and get along with her is to keep changing. Playful and witty words are always favored by Gemini women.

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