10 ways to use condoms incorrectly

They all use condoms, why is your contraceptive failure rate high? It’s because of wrong use of condoms. Today I will tell you about ten ways to use condoms incorrectly.

1, the size is not suitable, but it will be used

Don’t think that condoms are the same as shoes, and they will be worn soon. If the size of the condom is too tight, it may break during use. If the size is too loose, it will fall off during use, and even fall into the vagina if it is serious. 

2. I think it is safer to wear two condoms

Is it safe to use two condoms? the answer is negative. ,
Using two condoms can instead cause the latex to rub against each other and cause the condom to rupture. So the more condoms are worn, the safer they are.

3. Do not pay attention to the storage environment of condoms.

Putting the condom in a place exposed to strong light, high light and humidity will destroy its strength. Condoms should be kept in a cool, dry place.

In addition, it should be noted that placing the condom in the close-fitting pocket will also cause the rubber to age for a long time and lose its contraceptive effect.

4. Wrong choice of lubricating oil

Don’t buy lubricating oil casually, or it will cause the condom to break during use.

Only water-based lubricants can be used with condoms, others (such as liquid paraffin, petroleum jelly, etc.) will increase the brittleness of the condom in a short time and cause your condom to rupture.

5. Do not check condoms before use

Check the condom before use to find out if the condom is damaged in time.

6. The air in the front sac is not squeezed out before wearing the sleeve

Everyone knows that there is a small pouch in the front of the condom to store semen, but you may not know that you need to squeeze the air in the small pouch before using it, otherwise the semen in the small pouch will overflow into the vagina.

So be sure to pinch the air of the small airbag, remember to pinch it!

7. The condom has expired and is still in use

Some people will choose to hoard condoms when they are on sale, and they will expire before they are used up. Before using condoms, you also need to check whether the expiration date has passed.

And expired condoms have deteriorated and lost their contraceptive effect, but will increase the chance of condom rupture and infection.

8. Not wearing a condom at the start of an erection

Although the semen is not excreted in large quantities before ejaculation, prostate secretions will also contain a lot of sperm. Therefore, the sperm in the prostate will flow into the vagina before ejaculation, which will also lead to the failure of contraception.

9. Not taking out the condom in time after ejaculation

After ejaculation, the penis needs to be removed in time before it becomes soft, otherwise the sperm in the condom will overflow.

10. Not holding down the bottom of the condom after ejaculation

Semen will overflow from the bottom of the condom if one is not careful when taking the condom, so after using the condom, it is necessary to hold the bottom of the condom and take it out together with the penis.

According to statistics, among nearly 40,000 women with induced abortions (due to incorrect use and non-persistent use) of male condoms, contraceptive failures accounted for 42.1%, ranking first among other contraceptive methods.

There are many reasons for contraceptive failure. The above examples of wrong condom use may occur frequently in everyone’s life. Excessive movements during sexual intercourse and the use of unqualified condoms may lead to contraceptive failure. Therefore, using contraceptives Care should be taken when wrapping.

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