10 signs a man is interested in you

“Does that boy like me!?” Have you ever been so troubled? Here are 10 signs that a man is sending you the message that he likes you, intentionally or not

1. A charming smile

When a man shows you a charming smile, he is mostly interested in you. Respond with the same charming smile, he will be distracted~

2. Blushing

Maybe you think it’s hard to “flirt” with a very shy boy, but that doesn’t mean you have to shut him out.

If you noticed that he blushed when he approached you, then he probably liked you very much and was too embarrassed to say it.

3. Make eye contact

In interpersonal communication, eye contact is very important. If a guy’s eyes stay on you much longer than others, then it goes without saying that he likes you.

4. Imitation

People will naturally do what they love. Involuntarily repeating your actions is an instinctive manifestation of his liking for you. It can range from how often you blink to how you speak (like when you shake your head he shakes his head).

5. Hands on hips

Standing with your hands on your hips or putting your thumbs on your belt buckle is a way of showing your confidence and masculinity, and a sign that he likes you.

6. Provocative touch

If your crush has physical contact with you, there is no doubt that he likes you.

This shows that he is trying his best to get your attention, “mocking” you, and if you like him, go back!

7. Head tilt

Tilt head is a serious look of love. If his head is tilted towards you, it means he is listening carefully to every word you say, caring about what you are saying, and enjoying the conversation with you.

8. Dilated pupils

Our eyes will betray us. When we are attracted to something, our pupils dilate. And when we’re not interested, the pupil shrinks.

9. Raised eyebrows

Because he likes you, he may avoid your eyes or raise his eyebrows when he is with you. Opening your eyes and raising your eyebrows during a conversation are all signs of interest in you.

10. Restless

We get restless in the face of people we like. It’s a sweet tension. You don’t know his intentions, and you are fully expecting him to like you. So if you find him fidgeting too, it means he’s on your side.

The above 10 signs can help you identify which opposite sex is interested in you, but not everyone is suitable for you. . . So before looking for these signals, you need to figure out what kind of person is more suitable for you. After all, the right person is worth waiting for, and the wrong person can’t be avoided~

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