10 Self-Assessment Indicators for a Perfect Penis

There is no man who does not care about his penis. A perfect penis not only involves indicators such as length, thickness, hardness and softness, but also includes other aspects.

1. Length of penis

Measurements of penis vary, with studies that relied on self-measurement reporting significantly higher averages than health professional measurements. As of 2015, a systematic review of 15,521 men, and the best study on the subject to date, concluded that the average penis length when erect is about 13.12 cm.

Of course, the length of the penis is also related to race and genetic factors. In 2014, a survey on penis size of 311 cases of erection in China showed that the length of Chinese men’s penis during erection ranged from 9.1 to 16 cm, with an average length of about 12.9 cm.

If your penis is longer than 13.12 cm when erect, then congratulations, your penis is very nice!

2. The circumference of the penis

Race and genetic factors not only affect the length of the penis, but also affect the thickness of the penis to varying degrees. In a study of 15,521 men, the average circumference of penis when erect was about 11.66 cm.

A survey of penis size in 311 cases of erection in China shows that the smallest circumference is 8.3 cm, the largest is 13.5 cm, and the average circumference is about 10.5 cm.

If the circumference of your penis exceeds 11.6 cm when erect, then congratulations, your penis is very nice!

3. The hardness of the penis

Dr. John Mulhall divided the hardness of male erections into four levels:

Level 1 is like a tofu block: the penis is congested and enlarged, but it cannot be erected or inserted;

Level 2 like peeling a banana: the penis has a slight erection, but it does not reach the level of penetration;

Level 3 is like a banana with a peel: the penis can be inserted, but it is not firm and durable enough;

Grade 4 is like a cucumber; penis is fully erect and firm and durable;

Studies have shown that when the erection hardness reaches level 4, 67% of women will be satisfied with the quality of their sexual life. Conversely, if the erection hardness is below grade 4, the satisfaction rate drops to 9%! If your penis is as hard as a cucumber when you have an erection, congratulations, you are great!

4. The curvature of the penis

The curvature of the penis is due to the increase and shortening of the tunica albuginea on one side of the corpus cavernosum, which pulls the penis to a certain side instead of being straight.

Tintin bending can be divided into up and down and left and right bending. The following Tintin teaches you a method to measure (it needs to be done when Tintin is erect):


Can you measure after seeing the picture above? Of course, it’s normal for your penis to be slightly curved. Is your penis perfectly curved?

5. The state of the foreskin

The foreskin is the double layer of skin that covers the glans of the penis and protects the glans like the eyelids protect the eyes. According to the process of male development from childhood to adulthood, there are three types of foreskin states:

Normal foreskin: When the penis is in a weak state, the foreskin head can be fully or partially exposed; when the penis is erect, the head is completely exposed.
Pseudo-foreskin: When the penis is in a weak state, the foreskin completely covers the penis; when the penis is erect, the penis is completely exposed.
True foreskin is too long: when the penis is in a weak state, the foreskin completely covers the foreskin; when the penis is erect, the foreskin cannot be fully exposed.

6, glans size

The glans penis, also known as the glans penis, refers to the ball at the front of the penis, which is formed by the expansion of the front end of the urethral corpus cavernosum.

In my country’s statistics, the maximum diameter of the glans of an adult is 4.0 cm and the minimum is 1.5 cm when there is no erection. The average is about 2.5 cm. If you have an erection, the average adult is about 3.5 cm.

There are certain differences in the size of the glans of adult males among different individuals, and this difference is also related to the erection state of penis.

7. Urethral orifice

The urethral orifice, also known as the external urethral orifice, is the outlet from which a man’s urine and semen are expelled. In normal men, the opening of the urethra is located at the end of the penis and in the middle of the glans, but there are also cases of ectopic urethra, which are mostly manifested as downward or upward movement of the urethra.

But in men with congenital hypospadias, the urethral opening is elsewhere, either near normal or anywhere from the end of the penis to the scrotum.

The location of the urethral opening is relatively easy to identify and is normal for most people.

8. The root of the penis

The base of the penis is usually separate from the scrotum, but with a webbed penis this is not the case. The webbed penis refers to the fusion of the scrotal suture skin and the ventral skin of the penis, so that the penis and scrotum are not completely separated.

This condition is more common in congenital malformations, and a small number is secondary to circumcision or other surgical removal of excessive skin on the ventral side of the penis. Most have no urethral dysplasia. About 3.5% of hypospadias are complicated by deformities.

9. Invisibility

Hidden penis, also known as hidden penis, is due to the abundant subcutaneous fat before the pubic bone and insufficient penile skin attached to the penis body, so that the original normal penis is buried under the skin, and the penis body is short in appearance.

The corpus cavernosum is normal, and the penis can be exposed by pushing the skin around the penis by hand, which is mostly seen in obese people.

So look at the flesh of your pubic skin, you can judge whether your penis is perfect!

10, glans color

The color of the normal glans varies in different age groups.

In childhood, the glans is generally pink, and it begins to develop with age, and the color of the glans gradually changes to a darker color, mainly due to pigmentation. As the foreskin gradually retreats to the back of the coronal sulcus, the glans contact with the outside world and sexual development, the color of the glans changes from pink to brown, which is mainly dark red.

Therefore, by looking at the color of your glans, you can judge the perfection of the penis a lot. If the color is abnormal, please seek medical attention in time.

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