10 Powerful Thrusting & Rotating Automatic Male Masturbator

1.Automatic Male Masturbator, SUPOLA Male Masturbator Cup with 7 Thrusting & Squeezing Modes, Hands-Free Electric Pocket Pussy Male Stroker, 3D Texture TPE Vagina Blowjob Machine, Male Sex Toys for Men

Automatic Male Masturbator -001
Automatic Male Masturbator -001

💕【360° Tightly Wrapped & 3D Realistic Texture】 – The liner of SUPOLA male masterburbators is designed to mimic the female vaginal structure and is covered with realistic texture and large uneven 3D massage particles. You will tightly wrapped in 360° when use it, and it will increase friction while increasing the wrap. The liner is made of TPE material, which is safe, flexible and not easy to deform
💕【With 7 Thrusting & Squeezing Modes】 – Our male stroker toy can be inserted up to 7.9 inches in length and is suitable for most male sizes. High-speed motors provide powerful performance, with 7 different thrust and squeeze forces, ranging from weak to strong, slow to fast, and you’ll find a rhythm that works for you. Let you completely say goodbye to the traditional single way, free your hands and bring freedom.
💕【One-Click Burst Button】 – When the 7 modes can no longer satisfy you, don’t worry, the one-click burst function will not let you down. Just press the “⚡” button, all modes will be activated, and all functions of the masturbator will be instantly upgraded to powerful frequency, you can repeat and self-indulge at any time.
💕【Sexy Voice Function】 – Our blowjob male masturbator for men adds a novel sexy voice function. When you insert the headset, you can hear the woman’s voice, and the voice will change with the strength of the insertion, the stronger the thrust, the louder the sound.
💕【Support USB Charging & Private Packaging】 – With USB charging design and compatible with various devices, you can get 90 minutes of experience after 4 hours of charging. For your privacy, we use exquisite gift box packaging, all private information about you will not be exposed. Please contact us if you have any questions!

2.Automatic Male Masturbator with Powerful Vibrating & Thrusting Mode, Krumppo Self-Sucking Masturbation Stroker for Men with Realistic Fleshy Tight Channel, Male Masturbating Sex Toys, Sound Speaker

Automatic Male Masturbator-02
Automatic Male Masturbator -002

💕【10 Vibration & Thrusting + 4 Suction Mode】- The 3-in-1 stimulation design of Krumppo self-sucking male masturbator brings ultra-realistic sexual experience. In the mixed mode, its vacuum sucking simulates swallowing, and the vibration and thrust are like vomiting in the throat, vividly replicating oral act.
💕【Unique Storm-sucking Mode】- Keep pressing the suck button to start the storm mode. In this mode, the masturbation cup starts the continuous high-energy working state.
💕【Detachable Tight Fleshy Channel】 – This inner sleeve of this electric masturbator is made of TPE, which is soft, stretchy and skin-friendly. Plus a 1 inch fleshy entrance, it can mitigates the impact of every push!
💕【Sound Speaker Interaction 】- The product has built-in speakers and uses real audio sources. You can wear headphones for immersive enjoyment.
💕【USB Rechargeable, Discreet Package】 – This automatic male masturbator uses USB charging. Detachable for clean. We promise that Krumppo sex toys are deliveried in discreet package.

3.Automatic Male Masturbators, MONSTRUNO Male Masturbator with 5 Suction & 9 Vibration,Blowjob Male Masturbator Cup Strokers Pocket Pussy with 3D Realistic Texture, Hands-Free Male Sex Toys for Men

Automatic Male Masturbator-03
Automatic Male Masturbator -003

💕【5 Vacuum Suction and 9 Vibrating Modes】- Get ready for explosive hands-free vibrating and sucking all surrounding your penis. Male masturbators motor offers powerful performance with 5 vacuum suction and 9 stimulating vibration. This male masturbators is used the removable vibrating bullet installed in the sleeve, which can make the vibration more real and stimulating. Then personalize your pleasure with the press of a button. Your ultimate masturbation experience is ready when you are!
💕【One Click Orgasm Mode Gives the Ultimate in Sensual Sensation】- Press and hold the orgasm button to turn on orgasm mode. All the functions will have the maximum frequency combination. This male masturbator cup gives you the real deep throat feeling, like your partner wraps up your penis with her mouth, which gives you the real orgasm feeling and offers sensational gratification. Masturbators inner length is 5.5 inches, the entrance is 1.38 inches opening and stretchy.
💕【Removable, Soft and Stretchy Sleeve with Skin-friendly Material】- This men’s toy sleeve is made of high quality TPE material, which is super soft, stretchy and skin-friendly. The ergonomically designed pocket pussy features a supple vagina and is lined with rows and rows of stimulating pleasure nubs. The elastic material makes masturbators wrap the penis well, just like a real vagina wraps your penis. Masturbators inner length is 5.5 inches, the entrance is 1.38 inches opening and stretchy.
💕【USB Rechargeable & Easy to Clean】- This male toy has a removable sleeve, which can be easily separate the bullet from the elastomer and remove the elastomer from the casing to clean up. After washing and drying, you can put it back into the male masturbators with ease. Rechargeable with USB magnetic charging cable. ⚠️Please use adaptor with “>5V” output to charge.
💕【Quiet & Discreetly Package】- This male masterburbator toy is super quiet, using this toy, enjoy exciting stimulation with a sleek and thrilling power masturbator and no one will ever know. For your privacy, this male masturbators will come in a discreet box. If you have any questions or concerns for our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply within 24/7.

4.Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators - Pocket Pussy Vagina Blowjob Stroker with 11 Strong Modes, Krumppo Masturbation Cup with Ultra Realistic Tunnel, Sex Toys for Men Sexual Pleasure

Automatic Male Masturbator-04
Automatic Male Masturbator -004

💕【3 Thrust + 4 Rotate +3 Mixed Modes】 – You can see the brother’s movement through the transparent window and thoroughly explore the mysterious of the virtual sleeve, bringing a wonderful experience and fully satisfying the desire to conquer. Put a few drop of lube on the jelly sleeve and start the mode, you will roam in the paradise.
💕【1 Storm Mode Leaves Memorable Experience】The masturbator uses strong torque to make it clamping and 360° rotating on your brother like the whirlpools of the deep sea swirls. Furthermore, the super powerful thrusting even surpasses the real feeling of deep throat. The multi-stimulation will not stop unless you released the button.
💕【Soft & Body-safe Realistic Sleeve】 – The sleeve is made of TPE, which is soft to the touch and super stretchy. Its inner wall is filled with many small massaging granules, creating a realistic fleshy tunnel, brings the unprecedented frictions pleasures.
💕【Detachable & Easy to Clean】 – Compared to traditional built-in egg masturbator, the motor and the jelly sleeve of this product are separated. Plus its magnetic dust cover, which is easier to detach. You could clean the jelly sleeve with warm water (below 45°C) after use.
💕【Reliable After-sales Service】Every masturbator we sell comes with 25 grams of free water-based lube. If you have any concerns about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5, 2 in 1 Automatic Male Masturbator Penis Pump Removable Male Masturbators with 7 Rotation & 7 Suction Modes Pocket Pussy Strokers Waterproof Adult Blowjob Machine Male Sex Toys for Men

Automatic Male Masturbator-05
Automatic Male Masturbator -005

💕Super 2 in 1 : Masturbation and penis enlargement training in one with advanced motor automation. Sucking and spinning modes can be freely combined. If one mode doesn’t push you to the edge, the 2-in-1 will, starting with 7 swivel modes. In addition, 7 vacuum suction modes have been added to the masturbator. Combinations of these patterns can produce different levels of pleasure.

💕Penis Enlargement Trainer : The design can not only enjoy the new masturbation experience brought by rotary clip suction, but also can generate vacuum suction to help penis erection and enlargement, with 7 suction levels, which can gradually train penis erection function and enhance sexual endurance.

💕Fully waterproof : Compared with most of the electric male masturbators on the market, this is a rare masturbator that is completely waterproof and can work underwater, because it adopts a completely sealed design of the motor and battery, which can keep out the liquid.

💕Removable & Easy Cleaning : The inner clear sleeve is made of flexible TPE which is body friendly,After every long ”fun“.There is a disassembly mark at the indicator light,can take out the transparent sleeve and wash it with cold or warm water. Use only neutral or mild soaps. Soaps with high acid or alkaline content may damage the product materials.

💕After-Sales Service : We ship in private packaging so no one will know what’s inside, and once you have any questions about the item, please leave us a message (Order Information – Seller Profile – Send Message) to get a satisfactory solution.

6.Automatic Sucking Rotating Male Masturbator Cup - Fully Submergible Pocket Pussy Vagina Blowjob Stroker with 7 Rotating & Vacuum Suction Modes, Silicone Penis Trainer Adult Sex Toys for Men's Orgasm

Automatic Male Masturbator-06
Automatic Male Masturbator -006

💕【Automatic Masturbating Fun】This male masturbator is designed with 2 motors, one for the spinning feature to rub the cup on the penis for passionate climax, the other is for clearing out the air to create a vacuum condition that inmitates blowjob sucking to the glans for the ultimate ejaculation.
💕【7 Sucking & Rotating Modes】This pocket vagina has 7 powerful sucking and rotating intensities and patterns, each mode could provide different realistic oral sex feelings. The suction and rotation features can be used together or alone. User can even use the suction as penis pump to train the penis to make it bigger and harder.
💕【Full-body Waterproof】This masturbator is The First Electric Male Masturbator that could be used in water, all wires and motors are well-sealed with waterproof materials. User could actually get REAL WET with this sex toy, go use it in bathtub or swimming pool. Please do cover up the charging port when using in water.
💕【Detachable for Easy Cleaning】This masturbation cup is made detachacble so as to wash clean the toy effortlessly. From the top cover, main shell or inner sleeve, user can easily take it off to clean it, then put it back together in just 1 minute.
💕【Soft & Flexible Inner Sleeve】To provide the comfortable and real sex fun, this sex cup uses flexible and soft silicone for the inner sleeve. Inside the sleeve, hundreds of tentacles will touch and rub the cock like sea anemone, each tentacle contribute to get the user a step closer to the big O.
💕【USB Rechargeable】This male sex toy is rechargeable through USB cable, user can use it for 1-HOUR after charged. The shell is designed with anti-skid texture for holding it better in the thrusting.
💕【Discreet Shipping】This masturbator is packed and shipped with box that shows no product information, just to ensure user’s privacy.

7.Automatic Male Masturbator - 100% Full Waterproof Vacuum Blowjob Pocket Pussy Stroker with 7 Intense Suction and 7 Strong Rotation 3D Realistic Textured Penis Stimulator Hands Free Adult Oral Sex Toys

Automatic Male Masturbator-07
Automatic Male Masturbator -007

💕100% Full Waterproof Automatic Male Masturbator – Updated electric masturbation cup is aiming at endless shower sex for men. The whole body waterproof design (even the motor part), can meet all your fantasy that you are looking for in your bathroom and bathtub. You can also use this pocket pussy into extreme cold or hot water to experience different sexual pleasure. Love never stop, enjoy with our penis stimulation toy at anytime, anywhere.

💕One Button Air-release Safety Design & One Button Enhancement Mode – With the one-click exhaust mode, our stroker toy for men can protect you when feel any discomfort in time! Just short press the button to turn vacuum pressure into 0 and release your THING; Press and hold the orgasm button to turn on orgasm mode. This stroker cup will bring you the most strong and realistic deep throat oral sex gratification. Note: please fully wipe dry the machine before install and use.

💕7 Vacuum Suction & 7 Powerful Rotation Mixed Stimulation – This male masturbator cup massages the penis with total 7 rotation and 7 suction frequencies. The overwhelming sexual climax experience can break through your imaginations. What’s more, this full waterproof male masturbator toy can be used to train and enhance your masculinity, especially use before sex with your partner to prolong endurance. It is recommended to use with water-based lubricant for better effect.

💕Premium Flexible Silicone Material – This male stroker toy is made of high quality ABS+TPE. The body is handy to hold, exquisite workmanship. The inner sleeve is made of high quality TPE material, which is soft and comfortable, stretchy and skin-friendly. Unlike other masturbators in the market, the mouth cover and insertable sleeve is seperated, easy to install and clean. Clean with mild water or adult toy cleanser and wipe it dry before install the machine.

💕USB Rechargeable & Portable Size – This men penis massage toy comes with USB cable cord, which is suitable for most USB devices such as power bank, phone adapter, and laptop, making charging easy and effective. Usually 3 hours to full charge for 1 hour pleasure. The automatic stroker toy is totally 11.2inch, and its insertable sleeve length is 6.9 inches and can accommodate most penis sizes. All of our adult products will be shipped in discreet package, please buy with confidence.

8.Automatic Male Masturbator, Amortoy Male Masturbators Cup with 7 Thrusting & Rotating, 50dB Super Quite Hands-Free Electric Pocket Pussy, Realistic TPE Vagina Blowjob Stroker, Male Sex Toys for Men

Automatic Male Masturbator-08
Automatic Male Masturbator -008

💕【Male Masturbator with 7 Thrusting & Spinning Modes】Amortoy male masturbator cup features a high quality rotating motor and exquisite workmanship, which results in the best rotating male masturbation device on the market. The use of ball bearing rotation eliminates the problem that similar products on the market are prone to-jams that are very painful. The movement and rotation combine for a great sensational sexual experience.
💕【Realistic Stretchy 3D Soft Textured Vaginal Mouth】With a spacious and enticing opening, the male stroker entrance mimics a vagina, just waiting for you! The sleeve features bumps and nubs inside for thrilling stimulation. The ribbed sleeve is made of safe and stretchable TPE, and will stretch accommodate the majority of men. With some water based lubricant, just slide your penis in it and let it amaze you!
💕【Super Quiet & Discreet Packaging】Amortoy has only one synchronizing motor that powers the thrust and rotation functions. That means there are only 50db’s noise produced. This allows you to enjoy your “me time” privately, in peace and quiet. This is far superior to other items on the market that utilize two separate motors, creating much more noise. In addition, with discreet packaging, we guarantee discreet shipping and customer privacy.
💕【Strong Suction Base for Hand-Free Fun】There is no suction holder on the market that can compare with the customized suction base of our product. Our new and improved suction base is the strongest, most reliable suction base available! You definitely will not have to worry about a poorly timed interruption in your pleasure. This will stay at the smooth flat place as long as the valve is not opened.
💕【Easy to Disassemble & Easy to Clean】The male masturbator is NOT waterproof. However, its removable sleeve can be taken out from the cup and rinsed under running water for easy cleaning. After washing and drying you can put it back into the masturbator. Rechargeable with USB charging cable. If you are not satisfied with our product, please CONTACT US. We are committed to providing you with the best customer service.

9.Automatic Male Masturbator Cup with 7 Thrusting & Spinning Motions, Electric Pocket Pussy Penis Masturbator Blowjob with Suction Base Textured Moans Sex Toys for Men Hand-Free Fun

Automatic Male Masturbator-09
Automatic Male Masturbator -009

💕Automatic Thrusting& Rotating – Featured 7 Powerful Thrusting & Rotating Modes, male masturbator cup brings you a whole new masturbation experience, close to the feeling of actual oral. where you can sit back or lay down to enjoy the mind-blowing experience.

💕Silicone Sleeve with 3D Textured – The pocket is made of a high-quality silicone stroker that is covered with soft and bumped nubs, providing a really great massage sensation to your penis. Make sure you use plenty of water-based lube to make things easier. Included lube is a great bonus.

💕Easy to Clean – The inner sleeve of the penis masturbator is detachable, which makes it easy to clean with running water. Turn it inside out to rinse and dry. Comes with a rod that helps you push the cup back in once you finished and well done.

💕Seductive Moaning Interaction & USB Charging – A hole at the side of the personal masturbator is not only a charging port but an earphone jack. Charge it with a 5v USB power supply for 2 hours, you can enjoy 1 hours.

💕Discreetly Package -we take customers’ information secret. All adult sex toys always come with discreet packages to protect your privacy. And we are excellent in quick-response customer service. Please feel free to contact us if any problem occurs.

10.Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy for Men with 5 Powerful Thrusting Frequencies and 3 Speends -3D Realistic Textured Vagina Pocket Pussy 6'' Deep Blowjob Stroker for Male Masturbation

Automatic Male Masturbator-10
Automatic Male Masturbator -010

💕Private Packing & Shipping: Our all adult sex toys will be delivered to you in discreet packaging and we take your privacy very seriously. And nobody know what inside. It is a best gift for yourself or friends !

💕When this tornado touches down, you’re in for a whirlwind of wow.
Boasting a full-length shaft-stroking canal lined with a thrilling ribbed texture, it envelops your length in silken body-safe silicone, which warms to feel like the real deal. Just close your eyes and let the fantasy take you away.

💕The sex toy have an internal canal measuring 6 inches, easy-to-use controls, it’s perfectly suited to solo play – but the transparent window also lets you and your partner share a look at your sessions.

💕The Male masturbator cup offers 5 powerful thrusting frequencies and 3 speends , base so hands-free is easy.Take out the hard work and enjoy new levels of sexual satisfaction.

💕This toy can be used for edging – when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stop or slow down before orgasm is reached, then build back up to approach orgasm again. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Some people find this technique can help to delay and/or increase the intensity of their orgasm (results may vary).

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